MMx040 Oskars Herliņš – Skandarbi Sintetiskajam Orkestrim

Find a druid manacled on the rack. Open the iron maiden. Pick up the flaming brand at the center of the room. Pick up the mints by the door. Talk to the druid and then remove the ring. Try to convince the druid that you are not evil. Et cetera.

‘Skandarbi Sintetiskajam Orkestrim’, the latest tongue twister and modern classical composition by Latvian composer Oskars Herliņš, may not be Latvian for ‘Simon The Sorcerer’, but I’m guessing it’s pretty close. These four pieces instills in me the same kind of mysticism and wonder that the Amiga video game instilled in me as a kid. This EP contains some wonderfully layered beat-less midi-compositions that takes your mind on a magical journey through the woods, by the witch’s hut, through the dragon’s lair, past the claw-fingered snowman, over the blast furnace on a broom, through micro-land, “hasta la pizza, baby” and Sordid turns to stone.

There is, however, a sophistication to these pieces that distinguishes them from old-school adventure game-music, a sort of seriousness in its intricacy, the mysticism matured, if you like, which perhaps make these pieces more interesting than the good old Amiga compositions. Make no mistake, this is by no means 8-bit midi-music.

01. Through Imaginary Worlds
02. Kafka Metro
03. Gondvana
04. Ka Uzbuvet Lidojoso Skiviti

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