MMx041 Wooly Uli – Mesolimbic Disarray

Do you remember the 80’s? Haha, what were we up to back then? We, or shall I say they, looked so stupid. Thankfully, we have now learned, so that we won’t look as stupid twenty years from now, thank God. Let’s look at these old photos and laugh at how stupid we looked. Haha. Over to you Barbara.

Basically Ulf has made a new record, it sounds like it’s from the 80’s and it’s about Ulf’s fascination with mental disorders. It’s very catchy, has some really cheesy sound effects every now and then, and Ulf is singing on some of the tracks.

In all honesty though, there’s a very serious underlying tone to this record, with lyrics and an atmosphere exploring and questioning certain elements of human (distorted) perception. How can our only true vehicle for experiences (our consciousness) dissolve, and what are we then?

01. You Know You Don’t Know
02. Machine
03. On Your Own
04. Screaming Silence
05. In Front of My TV
06. You Can Be Blue
07. Paranoid
08. Broken Promises

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