MMx049 Phlu – Weirdness

Phlu woke up one day with a massive head-ache. He realized that his immediate surroundings were nothing like they used to be. Tiny egg-shaped men were dancing in his window cill, beef shaped butterflies were bungee jumping from the ceiling and below his bed, a bunch of lego-grills were rollerskating with the skull of an Action Man-figurine. ‘WTF?’ thought Phlu, who were suddenly thrown softly out of bed, onto the dancing lego-grills, who were now joined by a pack of holes in the ground cheering an anthem. Rising up, Phlu’s stomach churned, a loud honk hurled its way out of Phlu’s mouth before a miniature version of a freight truck came booming out after it. Rejoicing universe. ‘What did I have for supper last night?’ thought Phlu, before he was miniaturized to the side of his bedpost, now in a church in front of an altar, kissing a big floating magnetic ball filled with all of the little creatures that had been inside his room earlier. ‘You are now husband and life’, a voice declared from the hair of a tooth brush, and Phlu exploded into labor; giving birth to tiny bubbles of glittering matter from a wooden conception stuck on his chin.

Phlu woke up again, this time in the surroundings he were used to, but with a little box next to his bed. In it, 19 glittering bubbles with tiny mouths, lightly buzzing something undecipherable. ‘What to do?’ thought Phlu, who went on to develop a technique to interview the bubbles. Each and every track on this record is quite simply those tiny glittering bubbles answering the question ‘What worries you the most?’. So, better pay attention, there’s some otherworldly shit on display, revealing secrets formerly not known to our race (assuming you are a human).

01. Late For Work
02. Fell
03. Weirdness
04. Celluloid Ivory (Phlu & VDR86)
05. So Blind
06. Future Insecure
07. Paco y Cigarillos
08. Beer Can Do
09. Back Home
10. The Rules
11. Key Inside
12. All These Years
13. Seasick
14. Sangria
15. Too Fucked To Get Drunk
16. Mental Chillness
17. Early Birds
18. Summer Breeze
19. Beehive

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