MMx053 Space Girls – The Slow And Painful Death of David Gilmour

This just in from Michael;

Last decade, the now defunct Norwegian band Space Girls produced fake music. It was also a fake act and more importantly they were a bunch of demented losers with a serious case of cosmic dementia. As one reviewer, “Abogix”, wrote of this release;

“Shame on you for this picture of David Gilmour on your Cover!!! REMOVE IT!!! Your music sounds death…but David Gilmour is still alive!!! The Abogix (J.K.)”

Space Girls couldn’t agree more, indeed it is an excellent description of all their “music”. This IS Death. Or the closest you’ll ever get without some intravenous 5-MeO-DMT hitting your pineal clit on top of good ol’ Mt. Kailash. Listen, dissappate and feel everything you loved and knew dissolve in to the worldless mouth of the Godhead, then feel the true horror of existence take hold. This release also has a hidden bonus track, “Cosmic menstruation” – After the last track is finished, listen very carefully (Only availible to listeners in Japan).

Enjoy folks!

01. The Slow And Painful Death of David Gilmour

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