MMx054 Nebbb – s/t

Nebbb re-formed with a new setup in 2009 and started rehearsing in what came to be known as the Skinkegris Pirate Studio (aka the room next to where I used to sleep). They often rehearsed on Sundays, and they were loud as a truck. I still liked them. Here’s Thomas’s lowdown on this first release (of two) from Nebbb’s most recent material to date;

Recorded to a four track cassette at Musikkskolen (the Holy Grail/Abbey Road of Bærum’s underground scene), these were the first recordings Nebbb had done after re-forming in 2009. The sound is raw and the songs are loose and kinda short at this point. Some of the first Nebbb is still showing with the hardcore tunes like Black Mambo and Nebbb but also drifts into longer more free tunes.

This is what happens when hippies are trying to play hardcore! If you want this on CDR with a nice cover and all, e-mail Thomas at – gunerius.quack[at] Artwork by the talented Christopher Owe.

01. A Day At The Office
02. Disco
03. Black Mambo
04. Interlude Dub
05. Untitled #1
06. Dixie
07. Tsjernobyl (The Soundtrack)
08. Grateful Nebbb

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