MMx082 Dels Quin – Formicidae

Dels Quin attempts with ‘Formicidae’ to paint a picture of the rise and fall of an ant colony. From the brutal mating ritual (Nuptial Flight), through the larva period (Metamorphosis), early beginning (Shredded Eggs), through the toil and struggle of the colony (Drones, Colonization, Ruling) leading up to the parasitic infection of the queen (The Mad Queen), her fall into the abyss of madness (Turmoil) and the demise of the empire (Doom). There isn’t a lot of drumming or rhythm going on in this one, but it can’t all be about beats. “I once had an ant farm, those fuckers didn’t grow shit” – Mitch Hedberg.

Artwork (and sounds) by Morten.

01. Nuptial Flight
02. Metamorphosis
03. Shredded Eggs
04. Drones
05. Colonization
06. Ruling
07. The Mad Queen
08. Turmoil
09. Doom

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