MMx135 Metatag – Four

This blissful 9-track recording from Metatag arrived just in time to soften the blow from your post-vacation psychiatric relapse. Metatag have a slew of interesting releases under their belt already, and we’re happy to release their latest offering on MarsMelons. From the duo themselves:

Four is a collection of recordings made using electronic machinery without advanced visual screen resolution. Menu diving was performed without oxygen.

01. Inside
02. False Memories
03. Underscore
04. Black Glove
05. Rush Hour
06. Brunching
07. Ascent
08. Abyss
09. Nine

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MMx129 Duelling Ants – Moving Elements In Nature

‘Moving Elements in Nature’ is the culmination of a lovely work of art over the course of the year 2018 by Duelling Ants. Check out his Instagram to see some lovely visuals to accompany the music. Below is a description of the album by Duelling Ants himself.

This album is a result of a creative process for making music layed out by the excellent artist Porchlight Trails. His album ‘Plays Broken Light in Shallow Streams’ from 2018 was probably my biggest source of inspiration of last year and is highly recommended.

His Cook book focuses on three stages of the creative process, with different rules attached to each stage. I found these tools to be great sources of inspiration, and a good way to break free of the ordinary work flow. 

I have used most of the rules as they were intended, with only slight modifications. The first building blocks of a song are made exclusively on the OP-1 with sounds generated from a system of randomized patches. 
The second part (orbit) is made with a selection of 8 acoustic sound sources similar on all of the tracks. The third part (triangle) has 4-5 sound sources free of choice, with minimum one layer of field recorded sounds. 
Part two and three are recorded based on part one. In the end, the three parts (block, orbit and triangle) are combined in the mixing stages to form a finished song. 

Throughout 2018 I’ve released a montly sketch with music and video on my instagram. For this side project I chose movements in nature as video theme.

01. Unique In The Same Way
02. Ensom
03. Waves Goodbye
04. Calm Inside My Core
05. Forglemmegei
06. On The End of This Path
07. Morning Mist and a Fire
08. Nothing To Give Away

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MMx127 Duelling Ants – Two Birds / One Seed

Two Birds / One Seed is Duelling Ants’ latest minimalist forest trekker. 16 tracks that just breathes like living organisms, rich with harmonies and odd quirky sound design. In a music world where everyone is competing for faster, harder, louder – this is the much needed anti-dote. It’s absolutely lovely.

01 Space travellers
02 Klare dråper
03 Byen var forlatt
04 Jeg vil være fri
05 Ville tilstander i indre by
06 Skogen er våt
07 Mesmerize
08 You’ll know when I’m ready
09 Rain
10 Birds fly home
11 Resonant
12 Strings
13 Følger lyset
14 The beginning
15 Birthday
16 Mindset

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MMx116 Gorgonsola Flyplass – Kartotek

‘Kartotek’ is another introspective glimpse into Gorgonsola Flyplass.

‘Andy’ was written grieving the sudden loss of a friend. ‘Helbred’ to heal old wounds. ‘Ingemannsland’ and ‘Vandring’ are simple reminders of the necessity for quiet and noise filtering. ‘Vuggesang for lillemann’ a lullaby for J-man. Who was Marcia Blaine? The last two are star gazers, thinking about the vastness of the universe feels strangely comforting.

01. Andy
02. Helbred
03. Ingenmannsland
04. Vandring
05. Vuggesang for lillemann
06. Hvem var Marcia Blaine?
07. Fermis harpe
08. Koraller

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MMx114 Cas Todden – Code of conduct S/H

‘Code of conduct S/H’ is Cas Todden’s debut album on MarsMelons. Speaking with Cas about the release, he reveals the songs are representations of semi-hallucinatory or dreamlike states of mind of his, often colorful and strange.

Many of these tracks are sort of hypnagogic, in that they are as much visions from dreams, as they are descriptions of real life imaginations (hah!). ‘CINE’ is about a dream I had after reading a book on the war on drugs in the Philippines, while ‘Duped pop tram’ comes from a vision of a tram I had, a very colorful scene with a tram in San Francisco bouncing on top of the tracks like that powder gum you get which crackles in your mouth, and everyone on the tram are quiet, and there’s an ironic sort of seriousness to what is going on. ‘Katmandu’ is a re-occuring vision/dream I have, which always gives me great comfort for some reason, of a pair of keys, a house maid, and a brown kitchen, floating above the mountains in Katmandu – it’s reassuring, always telling me things will be OK. ‘Bus Window View October 05’ was dire and black, angst ridden, a real life occurence. ‘Death Message Hieroglyphs’ came out of the ’07 mescalooza, and Jeru is an ode to the Damaja. The last two are also re-occuring visions/dreams about death, and they’re not sad at all.

01. Cine is beautiful, HEADSHOT
02. Duped pop tram
03. Katmandu floating keys mirage
04. Bus window view, OCT 05
05. Death message hieroglyphs
06. Jeru
07. Distant tunnel not so distant
08. Corneal reed maneuvering

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MMx108 Duelling Ants – Reverse Seaworld

‘Reverse Seaworld’ is Duelling Ants’ third installation on MarsMelons – and as you would expect, it’s a lovely collection of mellow electronic tracks, as well as a fitting welcoming into this world of his two newborns (many congrats!). Dreamy and atmospheric, layers of textures disappearing and evaporating into new layers over tender melodies and barely noticable (but hugely effective) rhythm backdrops. It’s liberatingly uncompressed and dynamic, almost quiet in parts.

01. Fog
02. Saint Petersburg
03. Swamp
04. Faceless Woman Haunt My Dreams
05. Floating Endlessly
06. Drops On Porch
07. Peaks

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MMx103 Gorgonsola Flyplass – Uendelig Regress

Thoughts looping and bending in on themselves with concurrent added high frequent feedback. ‘Uendelig Regress’ is about a perceived defeat of the self. A kid with no direction, no ambition, not understanding ambition or the talk of town, wanting only to submerge in the grass and not be part of the goings on in the world. A broken something, or at least a perception of a broken something. Hiding, feeling embarassed.

This record is dedicated to Andy.

1. Slektslinjer
2. Grå februar og vondt i brystet
3. Sitter i huska og husker
4. På trappa, verden er opptatt
5. Innbilte visne løvetann
6. Uendelig regress
7. Vår, orker ikke spise
8. Det er noe bak
9. Angst på byen
10. Overdøver flaue tanker med litt spilling

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MMx099 Coax – CRASH2

A new exquisite record from Coax, squishing itself through the grapevine. Here’s Ulf’s lowdown;

Coax’s new record CRASH2 is a great listen. It’s heading in another direction than COM1, towards a more ‘orchestral’ sounding record. Still the sound and the arrangements are in an electronic landscape of lovely IDM, glitch, ambient and avant garde, in which Coax prefers to find himself in his much appreciated journeys of music-making. Dark atmospheres, at the same time bright and light, leaving the listener puzzled by it’s many beautiful nuances and even dissonances of different musical feelings merged together. The elements of orchestration which is not easy to ‘get away with’ when done electronically are very well designed, and unfolds more and more throughout the record. If you want a little bit of travelling to go with your musical explorations, well listen to this record. Nuff said, press play!

The lovely cover art was made by Coax himself.

1. Zilver
2. Poor Man’s Lunch
3. Find Prometheus
4. The Spirit
5. Mushroom
6. Rosal
7. Lospdpds

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MMx076 Configurations – s/t

Croydon Juice Circuit and Beroun Kiefshe join forces as ‘Configurations’ – releasing a collection of distorted and transformed field recordings. Scraping, clacking, hissing, annoyingly off-beat, choppy and soaked in raspberry pie. If you ever come down to Ruby Bridge, you know where to lie. Artwork (and music) by Morten.

01. Calamari
02. Hoatzin
03. Peafowl
04. Cookiecutter
05. Fossa
06. Serval

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MMx069 JL & Modarch – Shine UTGA

JL & Modarch traveled to Mongolia well over a year and a half ago to experience one of the most mythical regions of the world first-hand. And did they ever. They lived among a nomadic tribe travelling to distant places of the country – experiencing the hypnotically charged ambience of the Mongolian steppes on horseback, guided by animistic shamans and a people with an incredible sense of mysticism about them – a kind of aura almost non-existent in the modern human being.

This five track debut EP are inspired by and intended to accompany five Mongolian folk-tales JL & Modarch connected with on their travels and thought represented, although somewhat romantic, the beautiful ancient oasis in modern life in which the nomads live their lives. Hazy and ambient textures underneath simple and slowly evolving, almost child-like, melodies. Artwork (and music) by Morten.

01. The Lame Magpie Who Had Several Green Eggs
02. The Legend of Khokhoo Namjil
03. Why The Camel Rolls In The Ashes
04. The Cat Who Pretended To Be A Lama
05. How A Black Pudding, A Mare And A Calf Trick A Wolf

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MMx067 Neizvestija – Adventures In Sineland

‘Adventures In Sineland’ is the latest brainchild from Swedish electronic experimentalist Neizvestija. Dense and ever-evolving clouds of drones washing the waves of your perception receptor into earlier, primordial states. Water, dust, gravel, growth, vegetation, mitochondria – reproduction in perpetuity. Neizvestija has this to say about the process of creating these tracks;

This album has grown out of mostly live improvisations over the last four months. I tend to search intuitively for a feeling, rather than composing and arranging consciously. The music grows and evolves out of this search, meaning it’s very hard to replicate. But what comes out if I try, will hopefully find its own place in existence. Artwork by Morten.

01. Adventures In Sineland
02. Sineland Revisited
03. The Three Horsemen
04. The Tarn is Dark and Its Waters Run Deep

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MMx066 Pawnsphinx – Songs From The Dead House EP

This just in from the shores of Brighton, Great Britain – a complete mind-bender extraordinaire courtesy of Benjamin Jarmarn, alias Pawnsphinx.

‘Songs From The Dead House EP’ is a short collection of tracks focusing on bringing the dualities of discordant and harmonic sound sources into a unified structure. The tracks feature peculiar textural arrangements which are set echoing from the depths of a primordial darkness. The almost macabre acousmatic treatments are subdued to some degree by the apparent lustre provided by the synthesized instrumental arrangements. There is, to this end, a degree of formless temporality; a stasis wherein a tenuous equilibrium is achieved.

The title of the EP is derived from the artist’s reading of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s novel ‘The House of The Dead’ which portrays the life of convicts in a Siberian prison camp.

Mastered by Gregg Janman (Hermtech Mastering). Artwork by Pawnsphinx.

01. Scarabaeus
02. Throat Ornament
03. Ill Defined Apprehensions

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MMx063 The Secret Sound – Dealing With National Feelings

Kristine Marie Aasvang, aka The Secret Sound, comes floating on stage with a mesmerizing 4-piece EP titled ‘Dealing With National Feelings’. Having recently been dubbed ‘The Norwegian Laurel Halo’ by DJ Indiana Ross, Kristine dares venturing into Halo’s mystical musical territory, albeit with a completely different set of binoculars and a vocal range far beyond her American counterpart. There is also a distinct folk-ish feeling to these tracks that create visual images of large timeless landscapes, glances into the primordial state of the human being and its place in the universe. Multitudes of generations of species scattered through time, carrying the same song deep within – the DNA, or the secret sound within every living thing. The quietness and almost tactile sense in these tracks are simply stunning, and if the word ‘epic’ is ever to be used to describe a piece of art, I think it will be promptly used for this particular one. Literally earth shattering.

Kristine’s own sentiments on ‘Dealing With National Feelings’;

Dealing with national feelings while I listen to the sounds from the other room, the room I can’t see. The sounds happened somewhere in the past. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I can sense it. And I’m afraid it will effect me in the future. I can already feel that the sound is changing me. The transformation has begun. What will happen when I get access to the other room? Will I disappear? Artwork by Kristine herself.

01. Ja, Vi Elsker
02. Enter Into And Out
03. Desert Queen
04. True Story From My Head

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MMx028 Step-Brother Taxi – Practice Silencer

Gunerius Quack and Stjerna teams up for a hazy long distance journey in the Step-Brother Taxi. Its wooden exterior brush through wild forests and barren deserts, constantly trigging, it seems, the spirit of the land it surpasses, which substantiates itself in different forms and in different harmonies. ‘Religious Embryo’ with its sneaking snakes on dry grounds, vultures hovering the sky, a hungry lion, the crusted ground emitting heat as a prey is targeted, realising you are the pray, then the netherworlds, ‘Dyslexic Cocaine’, and lush glades and plants ripe with fruit, moist greenery and a fleshy pulp drowning a kernel spitting seeds, a ‘par holistique’ far from the strict syntax of crystalline tropane.

This wonderful two-tracker was recorded live in Sarpsborg in the beginning of September, and it’s an absolute treat, surely the most beautiful piece of music we have released on this site to date. We sure hope there is more to come from this duo. Artwork by Morten.

01. Religious Embryo
02. Dyslexic Cocaine

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MMx018 Blaendvaerk – s/t

Kristoffer, or Blaendvaerk, cites the universe and its origin as the inspiration and the subject of his self-titled debut EP. When asked to describe the sound of his work, Blaendvaerk capitulates into what could seem like a fog of existentialist questioning; – [The EP is] full of stimulating, exciting ideas and speculations, with an engrossing and intelligent sound, it engages the listener in addressing the problems presented. To what extent is there a place for compassion in nature; even if the universe is blind and uncaring, do I still have duties and obligations? And uncaring, do I still have duties and obligations?

Following in the foot-steps of the electronic music pioneers, such as compatriot Else Marie Pade, Blaendvaerk approaches musique concrete with a refreshing bag of new attitudes and trickery.

01. Forårssang
02. Sorte Nat
03. Forvirring, Ingen Indre Dialog
04. Studie
05. Slaven

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MMx014 Oskars Herliņš – s/t EP

It’s an honor to present four early works of Latvian contemporary composer, Oskars Herliņš, to you lot. To describe his first piece of experimental ambience, Oskars vows for modern poetry, imagining the grand stylus of earthly architecture;

“Already nowadays the dream has become a reality: within a radius of hundreds of kilometres live images in a variety of colours are transmitted together with a sound accompaniment. A man has conquered time and space. Radio waves like a joyful swarm engulf the Globe. And may this wonder awaken feelings of unity in all people of the planet!”

01. Viļņi (Brīnums) [Waves (Miracle)]
02. Sapnu Puisens [Dream boy]
03. Etide Diviem [Etude for two]
04. Noslepums Nr.69 [Secret Nr.69]

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MMx012 Jokkemaskinen & The Police – Music For A Comic Book

What happens when a dude that has played just about every instrument there is to play in this world gets to play with Ableton Live while reading a lot of Jason-comics? Well, Music For A Comic Book, of course. Jokkemaskinen & The Police delivers distant atmospheric ambient with trademark high altitude textures. Over the course of this 28 minute two tracker, it becomes all the more obvious that this boy grew up close to the mountains – it’s peaceful, yet earth shattering.

Jokkemaskinen & The Police is one Thomas Bergsten, and must by no means be confused with the lack luster pop-outfit from the 70’s. There’s far more sting® to this stuff. Jokes aside, this was recorded in the early parts of 2009, and we sure hope there is more to come. Artwork by Morten.

01. Vinden Blaaser Framaat
02. Music For A Comic Book

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