MMx124 Moon Zero-XM Personality Disorders #1

The first issue of a compilation series dubbed “personality disorders” featuring various nutcase recordings from the soon to be vacated Moon Zero-XM studio. All sounds on all of the tracks were made and composed with a modular synthesizer, so it’s quite rough around the edges. Business as usual, then.

01. Croydon Juice Circuit – Swimming Pool Frog
02. Tormod Enoksen – Kano
03. Gatorshades – Wrath
04. Jerry Gestingo – Coils
05. Kyalka – There is a policeman inside my head, he must be destroyed
06. Pourteroise – Gender Specific
07. Beroun Kiefshe – Greyhound
08. Tormod Enoksen – Pedagogbunkers
09. Lorry Ghost Con – Prod
10. Fengselskatalogen – Karbonpølser
11. Croydon Juice Circuit – Pill Shivers
12. Croydon Juice Circuit – Invalid Explanation
13. Screen Phoenix – Absolution
14. PÖM – Kettlefish
15. Configurations – Leprechaun
16. Dels Quin – Mock Duck
17. Aldershot Bakery – Pivots
18. Devious Dan – Spoilers
19. Croydon Juice Circuit – Knock One Out
20. Tormod Enoksen – Si hei i skogen
21. Beroun Kiefshe – No Ego Pulpit
22. Trollope Potions – Surfenade
23. Charterhouse – Kygo for voksne

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MMx120 UFL – Plasma Containment

New record in from UFL. I accidentally found a post-it in the bird feeder the same day I picked this up. It said:

Dirty boots of funky leather bouncing your way with the intention to get people to dance to the rhythms without wearing a sweater. UFL, also known as Ulf, Phlu and Boblebad, serves you a musical dinner that will get your inner sinner to go buy a late-night discounted wiener. Tanz, tanz!

01. Bouncy Beat
02. Funky Skitstøvel
03. Tanztanz
04. A

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MMx110 Trixie Marmalade – Trixieland (The Musical)

A pink orb was seen spinning across the sky in Russia last week. The orb was later spotted hovering Latvia. I woke up this morning by a splash at the door. Outside, in the pink debris of what looked like a type of mushroom drone was a cassette. “To the Mars”, it said, signed with a kiss. It smelled of old cigarettes, wooden chairs, goats, benzedrine and opium. It had to be Trixie. Harvey Steel gives us the lowdown.

There’s no easy way to listen to these tracks/this musical. The heartbreaking intro is too true. The Subject matter so close to our (your?) reality. Humans really have to stop boosting their own egos and start spreading the love. While listening to the lyrics one might think they are childlike, simple, even dumb. But they are so TRUE. Even if this truth comes from a paralell universe, that universe is closing in on this universe. This very reality YOU are living in is under attack. Hatred has won that other battle, the battle situated in Trixies reality. Trixie has never been able to quite land on this world like the rest of us space/time survivors. She landed in a different reality when still being in this reality. While the rest of us got our human bodies Trixie got stuck in a cardboard figure. Also mentally she was living in two realities. I didn’t quite understand that before she started working on this musical, and needed my help. She could sing three part harmonies on her own (!!!) and hum rythms and countermelodies and whatnot, but she could not play any instruments, being cardboard and all. I had to get inside her mind for this project, and that was when i figured she was living a double life. Fighting hatred in a different world, a world where hatred had a tiny advantage. Hatred is getting stronger in this world as well, but hopefully Trixie and her words of wisdom will help a few humans understand that fear and hatred is not the way to go and turn around and start loving. That’s all we really want with this music thing we are doing. Spread the love, heal the world! Unite with love and start healing the world. Trixie would love that.

By the time of this release Trixie has been missing for 16 months. People have reported sightings of Trixie all over the world and we still have a hope that she’s out there spreading love.

Just because you want to
Don’t mean that you have to
Please please humans don’t you
Go to war and kill all hope

Love can heal us.


Trixie Marmalade as Herself
Harvey Steel as Himself
Big Chief as Hatred
Gunerius Quack as God

01 – Trixie’s speech to humanity
02 – World War 3
03 – His Name is Hatred
04 – Be alive (I want to be alive)
05 – Garden of Eden
06 – Choose love
07 – Ego in bed*
08 – Hello I love you
09 – Jesus was walking on water*
10 – Only love can save us now
11 – Outer Space (part 2)*
12 – Surfs Down
13 – Trixie’s phonecall
14 – Trixieland

Written by Trixie Maramalade
* written by Harvey Steel
Produced by Harvey Steel
Recorded by Big Chief at Ganjibiri Studios
Mixed and mastered by Gunerius Quack

Real and /ɪˈmadʒɪn(ə)ri/ instruments played by Harvey Steel
Keys on Garden of Eden & Outer Space by Blue Cosmic Storm

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MMx094 Coax – COM1

We’ve been hassling Coax to release some stuff on MarsMelons ever since that insane live show he did at Mir a year back, and I’m proud to say we’ve finally received some material – and boy, oh boy, does it deliver! ‘COM1′ sounds dark and somewhat industrial, but incredibly organic in that it rarely repeats itself – this certainly isn’t your “dark bitcrushed techno anno 2014″ (not that we don’t like techno, mind). On this record, Coax operates in the peculiar realms in between IDM, glitch, ambient and the avant-garde. ‘COM1′ is the first in a series of recordings, which supposedly will feature many different concepts and themes. I’ve been trying to find words that will do this music justice, but I can’t seem to find a way to spell them out coherently or into any kind of meaningful order – swirling, stuttering, scales, inflatable, breathing, Zarathustra, technology mimicking organisms – bla bla bla, read all the fancy words on your local Pitchfork. Just hear it. It sounds good, we promise.

Coax have been spawning tracks in the Norwegian underground for a long time, releasing several records on his own over the past few years (check ‘em out or die) – we’re proud to see him release some stuff on MarsMelons. Cover art by Coax himself.

01. Buzzy B
02. Industrial Base
03. Hub
04. Teseplono
05. iloson
06. Slounge
07. Selbog
08. Sellom
09. Ectocrypt
10. Blackout
11. Lentel
12. NUAS

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MMx088 The Secret Sound – My LovE

Finally, 3 new tracks from The Secret Sound – that is, one original track, and two remixes of that track – My LovE. These three tracks sees Kristine Marie Aasvang’s hypnotic vocals woven into a web of electronic pulses, drones and textures – it sounds like nothing I’ve ever heard before, and it’s just gorgeous. And it comes with this poem in Norwegian;

My LovE

I myk slow motion
forandrer det bevegelsen
komponentene i beherskelsen
ut av kroppen
det drypper snart
elveløpene av blod
når alt pompes til
ringer en jeg kaller
det er så lite som skal til
så rewinder kjemien seg
– jeg sublimeres

Artwork by Kristine herself.

01. My LovE
02. mY lOVe
03. my love

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MMx083 Trixie Marmalade – s/t

Trixie Marmalade lives in a caravan following the Harvey Steel travelling medicine show, where she practices as a fortune teller, a burlesque dancer, fish whisperer and a spiritual medium, as well as a backing singer for the Harvey Steel’s tribute band. She’s the poker queen of the carnies, and has a daily benzedrine intake that would make Jack Kerouac proud. Nobody’s wife (never gonna, ever wanna be, etc) and certainly no man’s property, she’s the self made noveau gypsie mystic.

These two tracks were recorded in her caravan and stands as a testament to the life of one of God’s own prototypes. I wish I could promise you more of her material, but this lady is hard to pin down. Artwork by Morten.

01. All The Fish In My Life (Somewhere)
02. Miss Andrew Smith (feat. Harvey Steel)

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MMx082 Dels Quin – Formicidae

Dels Quin attempts with ‘Formicidae’ to paint a picture of the rise and fall of an ant colony. From the brutal mating ritual (Nuptial Flight), through the larva period (Metamorphosis), early beginning (Shredded Eggs), through the toil and struggle of the colony (Drones, Colonization, Ruling) leading up to the parasitic infection of the queen (The Mad Queen), her fall into the abyss of madness (Turmoil) and the demise of the empire (Doom). There isn’t a lot of drumming or rhythm going on in this one, but it can’t all be about beats. “I once had an ant farm, those fuckers didn’t grow shit” – Mitch Hedberg.

Artwork (and sounds) by Morten.

01. Nuptial Flight
02. Metamorphosis
03. Shredded Eggs
04. Drones
05. Colonization
06. Ruling
07. The Mad Queen
08. Turmoil
09. Doom

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MMx066 Pawnsphinx – Songs From The Dead House EP

This just in from the shores of Brighton, Great Britain – a complete mind-bender extraordinaire courtesy of Benjamin Jarmarn, alias Pawnsphinx.

‘Songs From The Dead House EP’ is a short collection of tracks focusing on bringing the dualities of discordant and harmonic sound sources into a unified structure. The tracks feature peculiar textural arrangements which are set echoing from the depths of a primordial darkness. The almost macabre acousmatic treatments are subdued to some degree by the apparent lustre provided by the synthesized instrumental arrangements. There is, to this end, a degree of formless temporality; a stasis wherein a tenuous equilibrium is achieved.

The title of the EP is derived from the artist’s reading of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s novel ‘The House of The Dead’ which portrays the life of convicts in a Siberian prison camp.

Mastered by Gregg Janman (Hermtech Mastering). Artwork by Pawnsphinx.

01. Scarabaeus
02. Throat Ornament
03. Ill Defined Apprehensions

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MMx053 Space Girls – The Slow And Painful Death of David Gilmour

This just in from Michael;

Last decade, the now defunct Norwegian band Space Girls produced fake music. It was also a fake act and more importantly they were a bunch of demented losers with a serious case of cosmic dementia. As one reviewer, “Abogix”, wrote of this release;

“Shame on you for this picture of David Gilmour on your Cover!!! REMOVE IT!!! Your music sounds death…but David Gilmour is still alive!!! The Abogix (J.K.)”

Space Girls couldn’t agree more, indeed it is an excellent description of all their “music”. This IS Death. Or the closest you’ll ever get without some intravenous 5-MeO-DMT hitting your pineal clit on top of good ol’ Mt. Kailash. Listen, dissappate and feel everything you loved and knew dissolve in to the worldless mouth of the Godhead, then feel the true horror of existence take hold. This release also has a hidden bonus track, “Cosmic menstruation” – After the last track is finished, listen very carefully (Only availible to listeners in Japan).

Enjoy folks!

01. The Slow And Painful Death of David Gilmour

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MMx048 Thomas Bergsten – Clouds & Pieces That Will Flip Your Lid

‘Clouds & Pieces That Will Flip Your Lid’ is a collection of acoustic and electro acoustic compositions by Thomas Bergsten. There are artistic considerations behind these recordings that the ramblings of an outsider wouldn’t do just, so here are Thomas’s own words describing the various pieces;

‘The Sun (May 12th 2010 –Oslo)’ is a recording of the 2010 version of this minimalistic piece, a chord that moves by the help of three rules;

Where the sun is in the sky determines the root (ranging from one octave from any C). How far from the place you are performing The Sun, the city to be played in determines the dynamics (or power of the chord, if you will). How long from today’s date the date being played determines how long to sustain the chord.

Performed on the 12th of may 2010 at Brown Dude, Project Loft.

London14. aug 1973 08:41
Toronto 18.mars 1995 07:15
Sydney 21.desember 2012 12:17
Longyearbyen 7.juni 1905 11:56
Sofia 17.mai 1933 13:36
New Delhi 11.september 1969 12:18
Berlin 23.juli 1953 14:13
Tel Aviv 2.februar 2004 17:15
Osaka, 22. Oktober 1945 14:13
Here & Now

‘The Sun’ was performed by Lars Oskarsen (Glockenspiel), Jan Roger Antonsen (Accordion), Kristine Marie Aasvang (Flute), Line Grenheim (Violin), Stefan Remen (Bass) – conducted by Thomas Bergsten.

‘Study of Music Under Water’ is a piece arranged by Thomas Bergsten and recorded by Jana Winderen in Sandvika, December 2008. Kristine Marie Aasvang plays the flute and Thomas Bergsten the guitar. The piece is the sound of improvised music played LOUD above the ice, recorded by two hydrophones and a pair of stereo microphones hanging from a tree. The underwater sound is emphasized both during recording and mixing.

‘Cloud #2 in Bb for 5 Electric Baritone Guitars’ – Clouds are pieces consisting of one chord with long duration. This cloud is a short version and is to be considered a test. Although real clouds can disappear in a blink of an eye, these clouds should last for at least an hour.

‘Repetitions And Variations In Eb For Sax and Electronics’ – This piece evolves around an Eb major chord (sampled from a string sextet) and three independent sax improvisations in different transpositions. Original, octave down and two octaves down. The string chord is repeated for the total duration of the piece.

The saxophones are arranged like this:

#1 – Original – 8vb – 15vb
#2 – 8vb – 15vb – Original
#3 – 15vb – Original – 8vb

‘Broadcasting Suburbia’ – This piece consist of two live pirate radio broadcasts spaced a couple of minutes apart on February 22nd 2012, between 1pm and 1:30pm. Both broadcasts were live broadcasts from the local area using a transmitter connected directly to a field recorder. The first broadcast was with a very low volume setting, so that the reciver might think of it as just a bad signal from their radio.

The second one had the field recorder gained up loud, making it recognizable as ambient sounds, and also making the louder parts of the field recording distorted. To document the broadcasts I used a radio/cassette deck and recorded the broadcast two and old tape (The Public Enemy – 911 is a joke single). Broadcasted on and around FM 88,7.

‘The Sun (River)’ – This is The Sun played by six rivers at high noon. A 2011 version of The Sun.

Artwork by Thomas, slightly edited by Morten.

01. The Sun (May 12th 2010 –Oslo)
02. Study of Music Under Water
03. Cloud #2 in Bb for 5 Electric Baritone Guitars
04. Repetitons And Variations In Eb For Sax and Electronics
05. Broadcasting Suburbia (Low Volume)
06. The Sun (River)
07. Broadcasting Suburbia (High Volume)

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MMx033 Gunerius Quack & Big Chief vs Jokkemaskinen & The Police – s/t

Welcome to a schizofrenic battle of the weirdos. It kicks off with a noisy processed violin by Jokkemaskinen & The Police, when Gunerius Quack answers with an eleven string meditative improvisation in the style of John Fahey and Robbie Basho. Jokkemaskinen & The Police then tries to go ballers with the guitar, but ends up making it sound more like home, coffee and newspapers on table (resting on couch). Big Chief then plays (and sings) a standard blues song that Jokkemaskinen & The Police steals the reverberation from, and showcases a minimal drone, before turning it into an electro piece. At the very end Thomas Bergsten comes with a minimal organ duet similar to the early minimalist works of Philip Glass and Steve Reich.

So that’s sixteen minutes and fourty two seconds of hazy Thursday evening vegetable patch card game music for ya! Artwork by Morten.

1. Calibrate For Ice-Hockey
2. Paradigm Mom
3. Goloc House
4. Experience ISO

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MMx031 Big Chief – Murder EP

This EP just in from an alcoholic cowboy who thinks he’s an indian (The Native American kind); Big Chief. His first release, a cassette called New adventures in love-fi (released on the Big Chiefs Traveling Medicine show label) was a lo-fi folk record, but this EP takes a strange new path. The singing is inspired by people like Frank Sinatra and Scott Walker, but that really doesn’t shine through. The songs are about murder, and the simple instrumental melodies are fronted by reverb soaked drunken crooner vocals.

Murder EP is a taste of what’s to come from Big Chief. These seven tracks are written, recorded, performed and produced by Big Chief (unless otherwise noted), but the coming full length have contributions by (amongst others); Frank Benjamin Finger, Children and Corpse Playing in The Streets, Stefan Remen, Jakob Myhre and Andreas Lande to name but a few. Artwork by Morten.

1. I Want To Murder You (*1)
2. I’ll Be Running From The Law (Feat. Red Velvet)
3. Jingle Jangle Murder (*2)
4. Bohemian Friend
5. I Knew It Was Tomorrow
6. Paralyzed
7. God Came In Through My Window

*1 The bassline is co-written with Ace of Spades.
*2 Words and melody by Eri Myhrebonus and Big Chief, synth by Ace of Spades and Big Chief.

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MMx024 Applikation Neptun – #01 – 3417-41CB

Heavily inspired by Autechre and Amon Tobin, 21 year old Nikolai Straarup, aka Applikation Neptun, dives into the world of avant-garde techno and breakbeat with a somewhat puritan approach. Nikolai produces his sounds without using regular hardware or software synthesizers, he generates sinus-, saw- and square-waves and puts effects on them manually. It’s probably what gives his sound that cold and techy feeling and a sensation of being shot somewhere at random through wires at high speed over barren synthethic tundras, like a futuristic teleport signal gone astray. It sounds dark and cold, metallic, and incredibly intricate in its layering of especially drums and bass. Some of the rhythmic patterns on show on this six-piece EP are nothing short of stunning. Equally so, the mind bending atmospheres associated with early morning raves that has stalled in some sort of static claustrophobic blender.

Nikolai’s live show is also somewhat remarkable – he draws abstract and colorful images on a big screen in whatever simple image making program he has available on his computer. One of Nikolai’s more laborious efforts in Paint Shop Pro resulted in the cover for the EP.

01. The Sewers
02. Into Craziness
03. Nestesaippua
04. Ned I En Slugt 2
05. Treasure
06. Automatic Garden Improval System

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MMx011 Gunerius Quack – Too Cool For Art School

The ‘Gunerius Quack’-moniker has been used mostly in collaboration with what remained of Ganjibiri, called ‘Dom Andra’, but this time, Gunerius goes solo. ‘Too Cool For Art School’ is not a typical Gunerius Quack release.

When asked in an interview with Norwegian newspaper ‘Morgenbladet’ what kind of music he played, Gunerius absently replied; “It’s a kind of hard psychedelic free guitar/trumpet recording. Inspired by the Tetuzi Akiyama record, ‘Don’t forget to boogie!’, and picking up a trumpet for the first time. Sooner or later it will all fall down, and the acoustic experimenting of Gunerius Quack will come.” Artwork by Morten.

01. Golfing In Buckingham Palace
02. Walz For Louise
03. Too Cool For School
04. Apples
05. Trip To Milano

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MMx001 Amor Fati – Trilogien Om Den Triste Skilpadden

Amor Fati is a duo consisting of Andreas Lande and Thomas Bergsten. They started playing together when they found two organs on a flea marked back in 1999 and immediately started recording their own brand of improvised organ music.

‘Trilogien Om Den Triste Skilpadden’ (‘Trilogy of the Sad Turtle’) is a story about a sad turtle in three parts inspired by a dream both Thomas and Andreas had. Amor Fati sadly died when one of the organs got killed on a Ganjibiri concert, if we’re lucky they’ll play live again someday. Recorded in 1999. Artwork by Morten.

1. Den Triste Skilpadden
2. Vi Prøver Å Gjøre Skilpadden Glad
3. Skilpadden Sier Den Egentlig Ikke Er Trist

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