MMx126 Fuelbinger – Duck-Ex At The Burudvann Beach

Title says it all, really. Some more garbage truck tracks from Fuel to remind the youth of this year’s hottest reality duck show. Short review from Fuel himself – “Third track is the best one, the second one has some sort of vibe but sounds terrible towards the end, and the first one is just a mess, but listen closely, there’s a deeper meaning hidden in there”.

01. Stress med dress
02. Vas mit Cas
03. Smooth with Gud

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MMx104 Polly Marker – Sundae

Fresh out of Australia, ‘Sundae’ is a “sunny sort of record”, according to Polly, who says she’s been making it on the go as she’s been travelling the outback with her pet koala, Steve. “Steve has been the indicator for me, whenever he’s been dancing or sort of bobbing his head to it, I’ve gone along with the ideas and recorded”.

Steve is curious little fella, who’s famous around Australia for being bilingual. He speaks German and Swahili, and keeps a stack of colored cards in his little koala pocket (koala’s have pouches?) which he snacks on every now and then (very sensitive to color, Steve) to get in the right mood.

“Yeah, Steve and his color cards have been a big influence on this record, obviously. Whenever we’ve set up camp, Steve would knock about the woods with his German (& Swahili) trying to get a response from somewhere, getting answers from the void – a thin film vail covered with tiny specks of dust, that returns whatever you hit it a bit warped, so there’s an evolution of the langauge, and Steve picks it up, and it shouldn’t really be called German or Swahili anymore. The stars will throw long fishnet like objects down, glittering and hovering above the camp, Steve goes into his gargoyle bag and plugs himself into a nearby tree and the resulting metamorphosis resulting in bunnies in the shop again stripping it for PEZ dispensers. Block by block, the neighbourhood is caving in, like a bunch of jeans stacked sideways.”


Polly Marker used to be a famous actress in her native Australia back in the 80’s, but has now dedicated her life to travelling and making music. We’re awfully proud to release some of her tracks on MarsMelons.

1. Spinning multiple yoyo’s on the go
2. On the thick bed of grass slightly drunk
3. Horny bugs bouncing off the asphalt
4. Free cableway to town
5. Picking out shadows for the sunburns
6. Imagine skateboard grinding everything
7. Midnight hickups and sleep

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MMx102 Sykt Barn – Jord

3 (and a half – soon four!) year old Milla is MarsMelons’ latest collaborator. Armed with a modular synthesizer, she’s spraypainting a picture of her world with the synthetic sounds coming out of the machine. Her influences ranges from Frozen, Fantorangen, Knudsen & Ludgvisen, eating spaghetti, playing shop, riding her scooter and making stuff with playdough. She has (strangely enough) a knack for odd melodies and dark hazy beats – showcasing a maturity in her productions and compositions well worthy of most seasoned pros.

‘Sykt Barn’ is in fact a new project by Stjerna, who’s been helped out by his daughter (Milla) to pick the name for the record. As you can see from the image, though, Milla is a pro wiggler in the making (Dead Man’s Catch on Peaks ain’t for the faint of heart), so watch this space!

1. Cilian
2. Tewqunds
3. Hots2
4. Solemn Vigil
5. Sklukeba
6. Tranxlate
7. Såtteasteepa
8. Wyrm
9. Kald

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MMx081 Muffa Grange – s/t

This in from Ulf to celebrate the new year.

Muffa Grange. Juggling beats for the strange in deranged ways, and nobody even pays. Attention: Piano roll overflow going too fast, but dying too slow. Down the drain of kindred horror, showcasing bee-stung grizzly bears hiding from evil. Afraid of sizzling clowns pretending they’re coming over. “That’s the way of the world”, somebody in the next room replies. Fluid running from pale blue eyes down the plastic chin, but no further. Lying dead lonely on a hospital bed with a constipated head when your life is over again.

Artwork by Morten.

01. Silent Snow
02. Softly
03. Zoom Out

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MMx058 Calculush – Pyromaniac

We got this record with a note attached to it in the mail the other day. Signed ‘Codd’;

Over thirty years has now past since the bastard child Calculush was born outside a shed near Slemdal in the turbid suburbs of Oslo, Norway, by an unidentified woman. He was then left to die in the woods near Gaustad Mental Hospital.

Luckily for us, someone found him that day. While looking for a tree to pee on in the woods after walking around the area with a patient few minutes earlier, a psychiatrist named Svein-Odd ‘Sodd’ Gundersen found him lying wrapped in a bundle. The until then childless psychiatrist immediately got what he himself considered a very bright idea, albeit it was of course an idea for a shady experiment.

He saved Calculush from certain death, but didn’t tell anyone. He gave him a room in his own basement. He always kept the room locked, and brought Calculush up as if he was his own child. This included a lot of solitude except for the weekly home-schooling, as ‘Sodd’ himself also had been home-schooled by his own parents. This started when Calculush reached a proper age for education, and went on for many years.

Still knowing nothing about the outside world, Calculush started to ask ‘Sodd’ many, many questions. Most of them was very frustrating for the mad psychiatrist, as it was merely about music. ‘Sodd’ hated music boundless, except Beethovens fifth symphony. He played it once for Calculush in a young age with educational purposes only, which he later regretted badly.

The psychiatrists idea was simple. He wanted to find out if he could make a copy of his own knowledge, put it inside a ‘blank’ persons mind, and see what he would become. He was of course hoping for a copy of himself, but came to the conclusion that he had failed on Calculush tenth birthday. He suddenly heard rythmic noises from the basement, stormed down the stairway, unlocked the door, and found Calculush drumming on the table. He then threw him out of the house, and Calculush, who never had met one single living person before, found himself walking down the streets alone – looking into a very uncertain future.

Now, twenty years later, after living as a shy and timid person, simply drumming for money in the streets of Oslo among other things, Calculush finally releases his debut album as a hip-hop producer. The album contains six instrumentals, which has little or nothing to do with his weird upbringing – it’s just Calculush’s way to tell us that he did manage to get a good life in the end, doing what he loves the most. Artwork by Vidar Otterholm.

01. Summer Bliss
02. Ooh-ooh-ooh
03. Seventyone
04. Past Blast
05. Pyromaniac
06. Gettin’ Old

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MMx044 Eddie Tambongo – Backpack & Two Shoes

Finally, Eddie Tambongo (the artist formerly known as ‘Snared’), is back in the mix! Eddie has been studying sound engineering since his last release on the label (2U9L69) back in 2009, and it goes to show – sound quality is crisp as a biscuit! Intricate rhythms move slowly and intertwine with equally sticky melodies, as Eddie does little to hide his fascination for jazz, kraut-rock and the new generation of ‘wonky’ hip-hop producers (Ras G, Onra, Flying Lotus etc).

Somewhat dark, beat-driven, organic and playful – ‘Backpack & Two Shoes’ contains three new tracks that will make you pop about in your opium cloud and shout out “beat kraut!” while trying to figure out the meaning of “Umlaut”. Artwork by Morten.

01. Dusty Days
02. Leafhopper
03. Rusty Pipes & Old Chairs

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MMx039 Phlu vs. Bananeter – Impregnated World EP

This in from Ulf a couple of months back (been too busy procrastinating to put it out);

Phlu and Bananeter (aka. Eddie Tambongo/Snared) ate tacos, drank beer and made this EP on a friday night last fall. Two of the tracks can be slightly reminding of a drunk or high James Blake. While made on a friday, the tune ‘Happy Friday, Motherfucker’ resembles that old friday-feeling most people get when the working week is over and they can pop their first beer of the weekend, finally free from the chains of societys money-making circus (At least as long as they are at their own home.) But we know that as a reality, it won’t last long. It’s just for a limited time-span called the weekEND. Another working week will come. That insight can cause a sad moment even though it’s a friday night, so play this EP loud and sing along like you are a drugged down, drunk walrus who’s never going back to work!

Cover by Phlu.

01. Impregnated World
02. Free Pills Through My Soul
03. Happy Friday, Motherfucker

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MMx017 Snared – 2U9L69

‘2U9L69′ is the recent brainchild of electronic experimentalist Anders Eddie Jacobsen, aka ‘Snared’. Having played bass and drums in various bands over the years, Anders delved into the eletronic sphere of music to express a more personal style than the acoustic instruments would allow him. On ‘2U9L69′, warm and deep textures supports heavily complex rhythms and haunting, mezmerizing melodies. It feels organic, and it sounds somewhat ethnic, or other worldly, without being in the absolute cheese holes most ‘ethnic’-felt Western music seems to fall into these days.

There’s much promise in this EP, and we sure hope and believe there is more to come from Snared in the future. All of the tracks produced in 2009. Artwork by Morten.

01. FFF
02. Feeling Rabbits
03. Sleeping Monkey
04. He Says

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