MMx074 Rone Sure – Purple XI

The final version of Rone Sure’s EP (that was retracted a few months back) is done!

It’s songs about my time living on the streets of Buenos Aires, it was a rough and a good time – it’s a blues record, really, but also a sort of tango record – you should try to dance to it.

All of the sounds on this EP are samples of from Rone’s time on the street in Buenos Aires manipulated by the fantastic Octatrack. Artwork (and music) by Morten.

01. Black
02. White

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MMx067 Neizvestija – Adventures In Sineland

‘Adventures In Sineland’ is the latest brainchild from Swedish electronic experimentalist Neizvestija. Dense and ever-evolving clouds of drones washing the waves of your perception receptor into earlier, primordial states. Water, dust, gravel, growth, vegetation, mitochondria – reproduction in perpetuity. Neizvestija has this to say about the process of creating these tracks;

This album has grown out of mostly live improvisations over the last four months. I tend to search intuitively for a feeling, rather than composing and arranging consciously. The music grows and evolves out of this search, meaning it’s very hard to replicate. But what comes out if I try, will hopefully find its own place in existence. Artwork by Morten.

01. Adventures In Sineland
02. Sineland Revisited
03. The Three Horsemen
04. The Tarn is Dark and Its Waters Run Deep

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MMx063 The Secret Sound – Dealing With National Feelings

Kristine Marie Aasvang, aka The Secret Sound, comes floating on stage with a mesmerizing 4-piece EP titled ‘Dealing With National Feelings’. Having recently been dubbed ‘The Norwegian Laurel Halo’ by DJ Indiana Ross, Kristine dares venturing into Halo’s mystical musical territory, albeit with a completely different set of binoculars and a vocal range far beyond her American counterpart. There is also a distinct folk-ish feeling to these tracks that create visual images of large timeless landscapes, glances into the primordial state of the human being and its place in the universe. Multitudes of generations of species scattered through time, carrying the same song deep within – the DNA, or the secret sound within every living thing. The quietness and almost tactile sense in these tracks are simply stunning, and if the word ‘epic’ is ever to be used to describe a piece of art, I think it will be promptly used for this particular one. Literally earth shattering.

Kristine’s own sentiments on ‘Dealing With National Feelings’;

Dealing with national feelings while I listen to the sounds from the other room, the room I can’t see. The sounds happened somewhere in the past. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I can sense it. And I’m afraid it will effect me in the future. I can already feel that the sound is changing me. The transformation has begun. What will happen when I get access to the other room? Will I disappear? Artwork by Kristine herself.

01. Ja, Vi Elsker
02. Enter Into And Out
03. Desert Queen
04. True Story From My Head

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MMx056 Percy Mood – Drou ID

‘Drou ID’ was recorded inside a small shack atop the Lobuche mountain in Nepal. Percy Mood sent us a letter containing everything we needed to know about the recording. Here it is;

The drones entered the shack at noon the day before. They had a ceremony. They showed me many interesting things. One thing they called an ‘arms length helix rendition’, a meaty aura that was orbiting around me. Crackling neurons glazed with humanoid repellent. They laughed a lot. I did too. They showed me a lot of intricate patterns. One was the code to the door that kept me inside my shell. When I learned the code, time ceased to be and my Drou ID was no longer on me. I put it on a few tracks instead. Don’t be fooled. Artwork (and music) by Morten.

01. Channels
02. Pilgrimage
03. Seafarer
04. Witches
05. Dilation
06. Seppuku
07. Tribeca

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MMx028 Step-Brother Taxi – Practice Silencer

Gunerius Quack and Stjerna teams up for a hazy long distance journey in the Step-Brother Taxi. Its wooden exterior brush through wild forests and barren deserts, constantly trigging, it seems, the spirit of the land it surpasses, which substantiates itself in different forms and in different harmonies. ‘Religious Embryo’ with its sneaking snakes on dry grounds, vultures hovering the sky, a hungry lion, the crusted ground emitting heat as a prey is targeted, realising you are the pray, then the netherworlds, ‘Dyslexic Cocaine’, and lush glades and plants ripe with fruit, moist greenery and a fleshy pulp drowning a kernel spitting seeds, a ‘par holistique’ far from the strict syntax of crystalline tropane.

This wonderful two-tracker was recorded live in Sarpsborg in the beginning of September, and it’s an absolute treat, surely the most beautiful piece of music we have released on this site to date. We sure hope there is more to come from this duo. Artwork by Morten.

01. Religious Embryo
02. Dyslexic Cocaine

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MMx012 Jokkemaskinen & The Police – Music For A Comic Book

What happens when a dude that has played just about every instrument there is to play in this world gets to play with Ableton Live while reading a lot of Jason-comics? Well, Music For A Comic Book, of course. Jokkemaskinen & The Police delivers distant atmospheric ambient with trademark high altitude textures. Over the course of this 28 minute two tracker, it becomes all the more obvious that this boy grew up close to the mountains – it’s peaceful, yet earth shattering.

Jokkemaskinen & The Police is one Thomas Bergsten, and must by no means be confused with the lack luster pop-outfit from the 70’s. There’s far more sting® to this stuff. Jokes aside, this was recorded in the early parts of 2009, and we sure hope there is more to come. Artwork by Morten.

01. Vinden Blaaser Framaat
02. Music For A Comic Book

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