MMx089 Lamek – Ro Ro Ro

Back in 2005, Bob Marley’s old band, The Wailers, played a sold-out gig at Rockefeller in Oslo. After the show, a bunch of young Norwegian reggae enthusiasts/musicians managed to hook up with some of the guys from The Wailers to record music. ‘Ro Ro Ro’ is essentially the culmination of those recordings! In addition to the fine gentlemen from The Wailers, the record include a host of talented musicians. Trond-Viggo Torgersen, for instance, should be familiar with anyone who grew up in Norway in the 80’s.

Involved in the making of this recording were the likes of – Earnest ‘Drummie Zeb’ Williams, Aston ‘Family Man’ Barrett, Christian Cowlin, Ole ‘Lamek’ Schweder, Jonas Jonah Whalesbelly Straumheim, Audun Vincent Velur Kjeldahl Berntsen, Dag Pierre, Lenval Shayar Jarrett, Tobias Eide Larsen, Martin ‘Stegan’ Brostigen, Henrik ‘Pop-I’ Seip, Morten Müller, Dennis Yanez, Brage Rognlien, Magnus Furu, Pål ‘Trylle-Pål’ Høyer-Andreassen, Cedric Roger ‘C-Roy’ Stevens, Jørgen ‘Jøggamøffin’ Høst, Suzanne Sisi Sumbundu, Nosizwe Baqwa, Mina Lystad, Michael ‘Kaliber’ Falck Serpa, Mikael ‘Dizzet’ Diseth, Kohinoor Nordberg, Krister G. Roang and Per Olav Hoff Mydske.

We’re proud to finally present these recordings to the public, a true gem in the reggae history of Norway, I dare say.

01. Ro Ro Ro
02. Lås og Slå feat. Dizzet & Kaliber
03. Ragnarok
04. Slipp Ditt Prinsipp feat. Skranglebein & Kristah Rhymes
05. Dyrenes Holocaust
06. Slapp Reggae feat. Trond-Viggo Torgersen
07. Judas Og Jesus
08. Hvorfor

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MMx068 Pattern25 – Below The Surface EP

Incoming are the warped sounds from the cradle of civilization. Israeli Pattern25 invites you to his cavernous underwater lair ‘Below The Surface’;

See the beauty of the underworld. Dance with electrical scats and observe enormous orcas passing you by. Encounter wrecks of old pirates’ ships and maybe find some treasures left by savage peoples of the past. Disc shaped egg yolk jellyfish entangling the ocean’s scatter and debris in a cloudy comfortable mush, blisters of sun rays angled through the natural prism of the water surface, highlighting the ever so slowly growing and breathing reefs of the sea floor.

‘Below The Surface EP’ is a collection of four wonderfully dense and pulsating dub-techno like tracks to accompany your underwater exploration. Artwork by Morten.

01. Deepandense
02. Below The Surface
03. Lost Anchors
04. Reality Dive

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MMx056 Percy Mood – Drou ID

‘Drou ID’ was recorded inside a small shack atop the Lobuche mountain in Nepal. Percy Mood sent us a letter containing everything we needed to know about the recording. Here it is;

The drones entered the shack at noon the day before. They had a ceremony. They showed me many interesting things. One thing they called an ‘arms length helix rendition’, a meaty aura that was orbiting around me. Crackling neurons glazed with humanoid repellent. They laughed a lot. I did too. They showed me a lot of intricate patterns. One was the code to the door that kept me inside my shell. When I learned the code, time ceased to be and my Drou ID was no longer on me. I put it on a few tracks instead. Don’t be fooled. Artwork (and music) by Morten.

01. Channels
02. Pilgrimage
03. Seafarer
04. Witches
05. Dilation
06. Seppuku
07. Tribeca

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