MMx139 Laserost – Oppussingsokkultister

If Laserost was a shitty punk band he’d be all like

it’s not for me,
all you care about is a large tv,
you wanna build a new porch,
you all are such dorks,
who gives a shit anyway,
I don’t care what you paid,
your kids do this, your kids do that,
take a poop in my hat”.

But he isn’t a punk band, so he doesn’t. He makes tracks about cookies and gum and rubber poltergeists instead – and that’s fine.

1. Gartnerkjeks
2. Retningspels
3. Transprekk
4. Vitaminskodder
5. Pleksitante
6. Beredskapsknaus
7. Eskapistterte
8. Joysticksaus
9. Presteklut

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MMx135 Metatag – Four

This blissful 9-track recording from Metatag arrived just in time to soften the blow from your post-vacation psychiatric relapse. Metatag have a slew of interesting releases under their belt already, and we’re happy to release their latest offering on MarsMelons. From the duo themselves:

Four is a collection of recordings made using electronic machinery without advanced visual screen resolution. Menu diving was performed without oxygen.

01. Inside
02. False Memories
03. Underscore
04. Black Glove
05. Rush Hour
06. Brunching
07. Ascent
08. Abyss
09. Nine

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MMx134 Rudolfs Kontainer – High Tide

Boblebad repping the latest from the current ghost town streets:

Rudolfs Kontainer is back with some much appreciated grooviness. This time with some varied good stuff, from the funky bassline of High Tide giving you the holiday feeling, to Let’s run, a love song that fades out in noise. In between that some lovely polka dotted synth lines.

  1. High Tide
  2. Cold Face
  3. Just Like You
  4. Let’s Run

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MMx133 Duelling Ants – Shades of Colors Unseen

Almost a year late, but here’s another exquisite record from Duelling Ants from last year.

A collection of tracks made during winter and spring of 2019, based around the Marantz pmd 221 tape recorder.

Gear used – OP-1, Marantz pmd 221, Koma Field Kit, Guitars, Apps: Animoog, SpaceCraft, Quanta

01. Masters
02. The Moon and The Sun
03. Ordinary
04. Monsters
05. So Long
06. Scuba Pt. 2
07. This Was Never My Space
08. Syrebadet
09. Oil Spill
10. Being Me And You
11. Truger i Snø
12. Operating a Motor Vehicle

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MMx132 Zorg Kurkuma – Turn it off

Zorg Kurkuma has compiled ten original songs and instrumentals made over a long span of years. Played, sung, mixed and mastered by himself.

Turn off the television, put on your choice of headphones, go out for a walk, jump a subway, travel short or long, or just walk around the neighborhood with your kid or dog listening to some of his songs. Nothing will happen. And that’s fine.

01. Farkost
02. Burgerz
03. Cold fucker
04. Blame it on the sun
05. Turn it off
06. Cigarette
07. Turn around
08. Mekanisk
09. Piece of mind
10. Xmas is over

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MMx129 Duelling Ants – Moving Elements In Nature

‘Moving Elements in Nature’ is the culmination of a lovely work of art over the course of the year 2018 by Duelling Ants. Check out his Instagram to see some lovely visuals to accompany the music. Below is a description of the album by Duelling Ants himself.

This album is a result of a creative process for making music layed out by the excellent artist Porchlight Trails. His album ‘Plays Broken Light in Shallow Streams’ from 2018 was probably my biggest source of inspiration of last year and is highly recommended.

His Cook book focuses on three stages of the creative process, with different rules attached to each stage. I found these tools to be great sources of inspiration, and a good way to break free of the ordinary work flow. 

I have used most of the rules as they were intended, with only slight modifications. The first building blocks of a song are made exclusively on the OP-1 with sounds generated from a system of randomized patches. 
The second part (orbit) is made with a selection of 8 acoustic sound sources similar on all of the tracks. The third part (triangle) has 4-5 sound sources free of choice, with minimum one layer of field recorded sounds. 
Part two and three are recorded based on part one. In the end, the three parts (block, orbit and triangle) are combined in the mixing stages to form a finished song. 

Throughout 2018 I’ve released a montly sketch with music and video on my instagram. For this side project I chose movements in nature as video theme.

01. Unique In The Same Way
02. Ensom
03. Waves Goodbye
04. Calm Inside My Core
05. Forglemmegei
06. On The End of This Path
07. Morning Mist and a Fire
08. Nothing To Give Away

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MMx128 Rudolfs Kontainer – The Door

Just now, in time for spring, Rudolfs Kontainer releases another record. Following up the 2017 release of “Eclectic Rudolfland”, here comes “The Door”!

Funky vibes and intriguing lyrical dark matter bursting through everyday life’s many aspects not often talked about, may now rock your stereo throughout the summer.

Mixed by Mikal Lillo-Stenberg. Mastered by Ulf Moen Denneche.

01 Other Times
02 Mama
03 Purple
04 My Taste
05 Home Again
06 Lunatic Moon
07 The Door
08 In Your Mind
09 Arrow (Moses)

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MMx127 Duelling Ants – Two Birds / One Seed

Two Birds / One Seed is Duelling Ants’ latest minimalist forest trekker. 16 tracks that just breathes like living organisms, rich with harmonies and odd quirky sound design. In a music world where everyone is competing for faster, harder, louder – this is the much needed anti-dote. It’s absolutely lovely.

01 Space travellers
02 Klare dråper
03 Byen var forlatt
04 Jeg vil være fri
05 Ville tilstander i indre by
06 Skogen er våt
07 Mesmerize
08 You’ll know when I’m ready
09 Rain
10 Birds fly home
11 Resonant
12 Strings
13 Følger lyset
14 The beginning
15 Birthday
16 Mindset

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MMx126 Fuelbinger – Duck-Ex At The Burudvann Beach

Title says it all, really. Some more garbage truck tracks from Fuel to remind the youth of this year’s hottest reality duck show. Short review from Fuel himself – “Third track is the best one, the second one has some sort of vibe but sounds terrible towards the end, and the first one is just a mess, but listen closely, there’s a deeper meaning hidden in there”.

01. Stress med dress
02. Vas mit Cas
03. Smooth with Gud

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MMx124 Moon Zero-XM Personality Disorders #1

The first issue of a compilation series dubbed “personality disorders” featuring various nutcase recordings from the soon to be vacated Moon Zero-XM studio. All sounds on all of the tracks were made and composed with a modular synthesizer, so it’s quite rough around the edges. Business as usual, then.

01. Croydon Juice Circuit – Swimming Pool Frog
02. Tormod Enoksen – Kano
03. Gatorshades – Wrath
04. Jerry Gestingo – Coils
05. Kyalka – There is a policeman inside my head, he must be destroyed
06. Pourteroise – Gender Specific
07. Beroun Kiefshe – Greyhound
08. Tormod Enoksen – Pedagogbunkers
09. Lorry Ghost Con – Prod
10. Fengselskatalogen – Karbonpølser
11. Croydon Juice Circuit – Pill Shivers
12. Croydon Juice Circuit – Invalid Explanation
13. Screen Phoenix – Absolution
14. PÖM – Kettlefish
15. Configurations – Leprechaun
16. Dels Quin – Mock Duck
17. Aldershot Bakery – Pivots
18. Devious Dan – Spoilers
19. Croydon Juice Circuit – Knock One Out
20. Tormod Enoksen – Si hei i skogen
21. Beroun Kiefshe – No Ego Pulpit
22. Trollope Potions – Surfenade
23. Charterhouse – Kygo for voksne

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MMx123 Tom Handlevogn – Northern Lights

This is a message from the future. Signed one Ouh Lie Schultz. Last seen jumping off a subway train back in 2004.

Log yourself out of the webshop, light up the fireplace or turn on your panel oven, charge your smartphone in another room, make tea or have a glass of red wine – relax. But first put on Tom Handlevogns record “Northern Lights”, which will take you on a journey for the relaxation of the mind. Embrace the simplicity of life, even though it may be complex at times. Do yoga, or go dancing to techno — in this case a combination.

01. God dag
02. Snø og sludd
03. Fjord og fjell
04. Sledetur

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MMx122 Rudolfs Kontainer – Eclectic Rudolfland

Brilliant eclectic lo-fi disco-sweetness – half electronic, half electric – coming your way from Mikal Lillo-Stenberg aka. Rudolfs Kontainer! After making a bunch of demo-recordings in his own home in Oslo over a short span of years, Mikal finally decided to compile his best tunes into this record and release it to the world.

These are probably not just the cool, clever and very catchy grooves you’ve been searching for all this time, but also the kind of music that can and will make you want to pop a can of beer immediately and hit the streets or a park in a capital city on an unreasonably hot summer’s day – if you can find your god damned shoe! Cover art by Ulf.

01. Just Playing A Game
02. She Ain’t My Robot
03. Capital City
04. Smooth Operator
05. Why Did You Break The House
06. Lights On
07. Do It Tomorrow
08. Wildly Delirious Dream
09. Where’s My Shoe
10. Unreasonably Hot

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MMx121 Duelling Ants – My Thoughts Are Somebody Else’s

Nine exquisite new tracks from Duelling Ants dubbed “My Thoughts Are Somebody Else’s”. Just how many times have you felt like a book case, sitting in the living room gathering dust, full of thoughts already written? How about now?

If you’ve followed MarsMelons at all over the past few years, you know Duelling Ants is one to look out for, so no further intro should be needed for these tracks – just put them on your playback device of choice, head out into the woods for a walk and press play.

01. The Trail
02. Spiritual
03. Feel Your Feel
04. The View
05. God in Spring
06. Campside
07. Based on Random Thoughts
08. Våken Hele Natta
09. Error

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MMx120 UFL – Plasma Containment

New record in from UFL. I accidentally found a post-it in the bird feeder the same day I picked this up. It said:

Dirty boots of funky leather bouncing your way with the intention to get people to dance to the rhythms without wearing a sweater. UFL, also known as Ulf, Phlu and Boblebad, serves you a musical dinner that will get your inner sinner to go buy a late-night discounted wiener. Tanz, tanz!

01. Bouncy Beat
02. Funky Skitstøvel
03. Tanztanz
04. A

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MMx119 Zen Volt – The View

MarsMelons are very pleased to release some of the works of Marius Blomstervik, aka Zen Volt, an electronic experimentalist with a very keen ear for oddly harmonic juxtapositions between the abstract and the melodic in music. As you may or may not have figured out already, that’s just how we love it over here. Marius puts it best himself:

Inspired by natures movements, winds, waves, and shapes of mountains and forests. The View is an attempt of cooperation and exploration of musical machines to express nature experiences, synesthetically. Notes and structures develops dependent on context and circumstances, conditioned by their sonic surroundings, growing in a frame of fluid structures.

01. Happen Simultaneously
02. How real
03. Dissolving
04. A separated nature
05. All den tid
06. The view
07. Emanation
08. Its entrance onto the world
09. Machines dream too
10. Grow like extacy

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MMx118 Bison Chemo – There are stars, you’re fine

A kind of poem from Beroun Kiefshe to sum up Bison’s debut on MarsMelons:

Chemo’s underwater astroturf marbles.
Francis Leopold cold reading star maps, karplus.
Celestial body mass index rates rats Indie car crashing a wedding reception canopy.
Can it be?
Something great,
level 4 mass consciousness overheard pope talking walking,
orbital state await.

01. There are stars, you’re fine
02. It’s level 3 now
03. Bon voyage, birdies
04. The right direction
05. Fairy lair
06. Gibraltar
07. Traces
08. 14th problem solved
09. San Sebastian
10. Got tickets
11. Kind people
12. Slacker

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MMx117 Salby Wallens – Bow Shocks

What are bow shocks, anyway?

Bow shocks form the boundary between a magnetosphere and an ambient magnetized medium. This occurs when the magnetic field of an astrophysical object interacts with the nearby flowing ambient plasma. For example, when the solar wind, flowing with a relative speed of order 400 km/s, encounters the magnetic field of Earth, a bow shape boundary forms.

Deep, Salby, deep.

01. Double Helix
02. Carried away tapping stones
03. Suspended glare, travelling
04. Gaslighting
05. (In before the) Cosmic Councel
06. The bull generator
07. Families
08. Calendar
09. Mandelbrot Perspective

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MMx116 Gorgonsola Flyplass – Kartotek

‘Kartotek’ is another introspective glimpse into Gorgonsola Flyplass.

‘Andy’ was written grieving the sudden loss of a friend. ‘Helbred’ to heal old wounds. ‘Ingemannsland’ and ‘Vandring’ are simple reminders of the necessity for quiet and noise filtering. ‘Vuggesang for lillemann’ a lullaby for J-man. Who was Marcia Blaine? The last two are star gazers, thinking about the vastness of the universe feels strangely comforting.

01. Andy
02. Helbred
03. Ingenmannsland
04. Vandring
05. Vuggesang for lillemann
06. Hvem var Marcia Blaine?
07. Fermis harpe
08. Koraller

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MMx115 Laserost – s/t

On his debut album on MarsMelons, Laserost explores the complex relationship between man and machine, human and robot, emotions vs artificial intelligence. It’s a study of intricate syntax and deeply haunting philosophical issues.

Laserost: What do you think about lazer and cheese?
ALICE: I can ask someone about it.
Laserost: Who are you going to ask?
Laserost: You’re going to ask yourself?
ALICE: I’ll burn that bridge when I come to it. OK I will ask it.
Laserost: What bridge will you burn?
ALICE: What is your purpose in asking?
Laserost: I need to warn the authorities you’re going to burn a bridge. Ooops, I mean, I just really like bridges. Jeff Bridges.
ALICE: Interesting. I want to find out more about you.

We want to know more about you too, Alice.

01. Broer
02. Glinser i sola
03. Risk fri fisk
04. Tar det pent
05. Sleng rassa
06. Risk fri fisk (Dearalan take)

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MMx114 Cas Todden – Code of conduct S/H

‘Code of conduct S/H’ is Cas Todden’s debut album on MarsMelons. Speaking with Cas about the release, he reveals the songs are representations of semi-hallucinatory or dreamlike states of mind of his, often colorful and strange.

Many of these tracks are sort of hypnagogic, in that they are as much visions from dreams, as they are descriptions of real life imaginations (hah!). ‘CINE’ is about a dream I had after reading a book on the war on drugs in the Philippines, while ‘Duped pop tram’ comes from a vision of a tram I had, a very colorful scene with a tram in San Francisco bouncing on top of the tracks like that powder gum you get which crackles in your mouth, and everyone on the tram are quiet, and there’s an ironic sort of seriousness to what is going on. ‘Katmandu’ is a re-occuring vision/dream I have, which always gives me great comfort for some reason, of a pair of keys, a house maid, and a brown kitchen, floating above the mountains in Katmandu – it’s reassuring, always telling me things will be OK. ‘Bus Window View October 05’ was dire and black, angst ridden, a real life occurence. ‘Death Message Hieroglyphs’ came out of the ’07 mescalooza, and Jeru is an ode to the Damaja. The last two are also re-occuring visions/dreams about death, and they’re not sad at all.

01. Cine is beautiful, HEADSHOT
02. Duped pop tram
03. Katmandu floating keys mirage
04. Bus window view, OCT 05
05. Death message hieroglyphs
06. Jeru
07. Distant tunnel not so distant
08. Corneal reed maneuvering

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MMx113 JL & Modarch – Hovering The Wetlands

‘Hovering the Wetlands’ is the first travelouge from our buddies JL & Modarch since the release of Shine UTGA back in 2013. This time, they’ve been in Zambia, studying the mystical Shoebill bird and its inhabitat in the Bangweulu wetlands. Vast, vast swamps and lakes chirping with animal hustle and bustle set the backdrop for these six minimal electronic arrangements. Go find some videos of Bangweulu on the tube, turn down the volume, and turn this one up.

01. Lake Chifunabuli
02. Chishi Island
03. Lupososhi Estuary
04. Shoebill
05. Twingi
06. Ncheta

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MMx111 Lysaker Zoo – 247

There’s a house on the corner that’s yella’, and nobody lives inside (well, apart from the cat, the three monkeys and a bunch of ants). I think somebody tried to sell’a, but nobody wanted to buy. Cus the animals run the house, yeah, the animals run the house.

Naive electronica from Lysaker, where the animals run the house 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

01. Lastebiler
02. Gretten katt, glad fugl
03. Gjemsel med Diddi
04. Ekstra strøssel
05. Første til andre etasje, vi hører dere
06. Stigen er borte, pytt pytt

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MMx109 UFL – Futuristic Remark

A futuristic remark just in courtesy of Ulf. Remember it now so that you’ll remember it when you hear it in the future. “Hear what?” You may say. You’ll know, when you hear it. And just know that it’s a sign. So pay attention. It’ll start the trajectory for the rest of your life. And you’ll have to rely on it when the zombies are trying to break into your little hut up in the forrest (and they have that cement melter you didn’t think they’d have and are much smarter than you anticipated). So, you know, buy all the rice and canned food and guns you want, but this is the one to remember for the apocalypse – so now you know.

Funk up your improper lifestyle with Phlu’s sounds of sickness, love and cloudy apple juice-like sensation of living life on the edge of a trapezoid. Support your local drug dealer sometimes too. His grandma’s probably bankrupt by now, and needs your help. Save her from starving and buy tacos instead of art/horseshit and leave it on her table. Some day you’ll get it all, son. Some day you’ll understand shit and everything enlightens. Some day trauma disappears from within leaving you without being daunted. Correct your ways, find paths never even started.

1. Gettin’ Down
2. Greener State
3. Up For Trouble

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MMx108 Duelling Ants – Reverse Seaworld

‘Reverse Seaworld’ is Duelling Ants’ third installation on MarsMelons – and as you would expect, it’s a lovely collection of mellow electronic tracks, as well as a fitting welcoming into this world of his two newborns (many congrats!). Dreamy and atmospheric, layers of textures disappearing and evaporating into new layers over tender melodies and barely noticable (but hugely effective) rhythm backdrops. It’s liberatingly uncompressed and dynamic, almost quiet in parts.

01. Fog
02. Saint Petersburg
03. Swamp
04. Faceless Woman Haunt My Dreams
05. Floating Endlessly
06. Drops On Porch
07. Peaks

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MMx107 Miinarets – Byzantine

‘Byzantine’ tells the story of Goiney, a young man recently knighted by the queen of his country for his brave service during the recent war. A few weeks after the knighting, while searching for a friend lost during the war, Goiney accidentally happens upon a place where his troop was ambushed (and suffered a great loss) during the later stages of the war. A psychosis like state washes over Goiney, who sees himself floating out of his own body into a vast darkness. A long travel begins. Punctured by creatures of the night, Goiney becomes what feels like a million seeds of grass spilling into the soil, growing a network of rhizomes below ground, reaching the surface eventually, and a moment of complete silence on a big open field as his consciousness slowly spins in a 360 degree motion, then quicker, and the silence is being replaced by high pitched sounds, spinning quicker, the sound increases, and in front of him, The Basi, and his jaw clamped to the ground, unable to move, a long deep burning motion, unthinkable pain, exploding to splinters like little red glass triangles captured in a jar tingling, and the fire and the high pitched sound is gone, and there’s quiet again, all gray, a burnt smell, smoke evaporating, a man moving through some bushes.

1. Void A
2. Soil
3. Channeling
4. The Basi (Dragon)

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MMx104 Polly Marker – Sundae

Fresh out of Australia, ‘Sundae’ is a “sunny sort of record”, according to Polly, who says she’s been making it on the go as she’s been travelling the outback with her pet koala, Steve. “Steve has been the indicator for me, whenever he’s been dancing or sort of bobbing his head to it, I’ve gone along with the ideas and recorded”.

Steve is curious little fella, who’s famous around Australia for being bilingual. He speaks German and Swahili, and keeps a stack of colored cards in his little koala pocket (koala’s have pouches?) which he snacks on every now and then (very sensitive to color, Steve) to get in the right mood.

“Yeah, Steve and his color cards have been a big influence on this record, obviously. Whenever we’ve set up camp, Steve would knock about the woods with his German (& Swahili) trying to get a response from somewhere, getting answers from the void – a thin film vail covered with tiny specks of dust, that returns whatever you hit it a bit warped, so there’s an evolution of the langauge, and Steve picks it up, and it shouldn’t really be called German or Swahili anymore. The stars will throw long fishnet like objects down, glittering and hovering above the camp, Steve goes into his gargoyle bag and plugs himself into a nearby tree and the resulting metamorphosis resulting in bunnies in the shop again stripping it for PEZ dispensers. Block by block, the neighbourhood is caving in, like a bunch of jeans stacked sideways.”


Polly Marker used to be a famous actress in her native Australia back in the 80’s, but has now dedicated her life to travelling and making music. We’re awfully proud to release some of her tracks on MarsMelons.

1. Spinning multiple yoyo’s on the go
2. On the thick bed of grass slightly drunk
3. Horny bugs bouncing off the asphalt
4. Free cableway to town
5. Picking out shadows for the sunburns
6. Imagine skateboard grinding everything
7. Midnight hickups and sleep

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MMx103 Gorgonsola Flyplass – Uendelig Regress

Thoughts looping and bending in on themselves with concurrent added high frequent feedback. ‘Uendelig Regress’ is about a perceived defeat of the self. A kid with no direction, no ambition, not understanding ambition or the talk of town, wanting only to submerge in the grass and not be part of the goings on in the world. A broken something, or at least a perception of a broken something. Hiding, feeling embarassed.

This record is dedicated to Andy.

1. Slektslinjer
2. Grå februar og vondt i brystet
3. Sitter i huska og husker
4. På trappa, verden er opptatt
5. Innbilte visne løvetann
6. Uendelig regress
7. Vår, orker ikke spise
8. Det er noe bak
9. Angst på byen
10. Overdøver flaue tanker med litt spilling

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MMx102 Sykt Barn – Jord

3 (and a half – soon four!) year old Milla is MarsMelons’ latest collaborator. Armed with a modular synthesizer, she’s spraypainting a picture of her world with the synthetic sounds coming out of the machine. Her influences ranges from Frozen, Fantorangen, Knudsen & Ludgvisen, eating spaghetti, playing shop, riding her scooter and making stuff with playdough. She has (strangely enough) a knack for odd melodies and dark hazy beats – showcasing a maturity in her productions and compositions well worthy of most seasoned pros.

‘Sykt Barn’ is in fact a new project by Stjerna, who’s been helped out by his daughter (Milla) to pick the name for the record. As you can see from the image, though, Milla is a pro wiggler in the making (Dead Man’s Catch on Peaks ain’t for the faint of heart), so watch this space!

1. Cilian
2. Tewqunds
3. Hots2
4. Solemn Vigil
5. Sklukeba
6. Tranxlate
7. Såtteasteepa
8. Wyrm
9. Kald

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MMx101 Phlu – Inner Logix

So Phlu’s been on hiatus for a while, but he sent me this a while back. Some lovely cosmic electro funk shizzle!

Inner Logix was created in between other and more important tasks in life like watching airplanes preparing to land, buying weird potato chips in the local food-store, drinking liquor nine o’clock in the morning after being drunk for several hours already, taking the A-train to work listening to ‘Take the A-train’, making failed prank calls to co-workers, exclusively watch television for kids and nothing else, saying ‘No’ to Witnesses of Jehova and Mormons in the streets of Yes-town and wander about the generally creepy situations all around the world.

1. Gyroscape
2. Wow Yeah
3. Kokua
4. Böse B9
5. Q Through
6. Wapapaya
7. Fotspor

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MMx099 Coax – CRASH2

A new exquisite record from Coax, squishing itself through the grapevine. Here’s Ulf’s lowdown;

Coax’s new record CRASH2 is a great listen. It’s heading in another direction than COM1, towards a more ‘orchestral’ sounding record. Still the sound and the arrangements are in an electronic landscape of lovely IDM, glitch, ambient and avant garde, in which Coax prefers to find himself in his much appreciated journeys of music-making. Dark atmospheres, at the same time bright and light, leaving the listener puzzled by it’s many beautiful nuances and even dissonances of different musical feelings merged together. The elements of orchestration which is not easy to ‘get away with’ when done electronically are very well designed, and unfolds more and more throughout the record. If you want a little bit of travelling to go with your musical explorations, well listen to this record. Nuff said, press play!

The lovely cover art was made by Coax himself.

1. Zilver
2. Poor Man’s Lunch
3. Find Prometheus
4. The Spirit
5. Mushroom
6. Rosal
7. Lospdpds

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MMx097 Fruktnøtt – s/t

Back in 2004, two guys started a musical project called Fruktnøtt. At that time it consisted of merely a couple of weird experiments with beats and piano sounds, sounds which never came to see any daylight.

The project name came from a joke which frequented around the house where one of them lived and the other one hang out once in a while. When you could hear people in that house ask eachother if they got some Fruktnøtt, the person who was asked often simply replied ‘Høhøhø’. And that was it, really. That was the answer.

The two guys found out years later that they shoud compile their musical powers again and make a record of it. This record is that record. Have a listen.

01. Jesus Minus
02. Thizthiz
03. Daxxmaxx
04. Elektrick

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MMx095 Duelling Ants – Fauna

‘Fauna’ is a collection of some lovely new electroacoustic pieces from Duelling Ants (aka Hans Marius T. Jacobsen). It features the same lush sound as on ‘Phones’ from a couple of years back – electronic and acoustic instruments and samples interwoven in minimal jazzy sort of compositions – Raster Notion-style. Artwork made by Hans himself.

On this project I’ve been interested in the idea of melodies and grooves that force themselves out through thick layers of sound, reach the surface, and fade out.
Tracks were made with Ableton live, guitars, field recordings and the Grendel Drone Commander. The album is dedicated to my father, Stein Jacobsen.

01. Scuba
02. Two Doves
03. Atouba
04. Rat / Snake
05. Fauna
06. Olke Bire of The Highland

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MMx094 Coax – COM1

We’ve been hassling Coax to release some stuff on MarsMelons ever since that insane live show he did at Mir a year back, and I’m proud to say we’ve finally received some material – and boy, oh boy, does it deliver! ‘COM1′ sounds dark and somewhat industrial, but incredibly organic in that it rarely repeats itself – this certainly isn’t your “dark bitcrushed techno anno 2014″ (not that we don’t like techno, mind). On this record, Coax operates in the peculiar realms in between IDM, glitch, ambient and the avant-garde. ‘COM1′ is the first in a series of recordings, which supposedly will feature many different concepts and themes. I’ve been trying to find words that will do this music justice, but I can’t seem to find a way to spell them out coherently or into any kind of meaningful order – swirling, stuttering, scales, inflatable, breathing, Zarathustra, technology mimicking organisms – bla bla bla, read all the fancy words on your local Pitchfork. Just hear it. It sounds good, we promise.

Coax have been spawning tracks in the Norwegian underground for a long time, releasing several records on his own over the past few years (check ‘em out or die) – we’re proud to see him release some stuff on MarsMelons. Cover art by Coax himself.

01. Buzzy B
02. Industrial Base
03. Hub
04. Teseplono
05. iloson
06. Slounge
07. Selbog
08. Sellom
09. Ectocrypt
10. Blackout
11. Lentel
12. NUAS

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MMx091 Ruth Hansen – Horvat Knows What Up

I first met Ruth a few years back while I worked at an old folk’s home. I wasn’t quite sure if she worked there or whether she lived there. She had a fascination for octopi and would often tell the weirdest stories about the time she worked a boat in the south Pacific catching these creatures for a Japanese research facility. She had on several occasions seen octopi emit a strange green light once they’d been slammed on deck. The green light was always followed by an extremely high pitched screeching noise. The local lore along the pacific isles said this phenomenon was caused by the summoning of the soul of the octopi by the chieftan octopus, Horvat.

So, there’s Ruth in her old folks home, bored to death, no octopus in sight. I showed her how to use Live, and she just lit up. Started making weird noises with it – age 82. I quit the job there a few years back, and hadn’t heard from her since then, until I got this tape in the mail the other day – labelled ‘Horvat Knows What Up’. It’s Ruth’s stuff. Some techno-like shit.

01. Octopus Morning
02. Skill Set Out The Window
03. Crop Circle Jerking
04. Fabelsport
05. Zero XM Oyster Lines

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MMx090 Boblebad – s/t

Boblebad sounds like it’s been kept in a time capsule since the early 90’s, but have somehow evolved in there, and gets out all frisky and 95’ski and asks – whatever happened to that OL-floka, man? What’s going on with that? Yeah yeah, flannel shirts and Kurt Cobain and no internet, and everything innocent, floppy disks, push pops and football stickers, Boomer gum and all that. 90’s – wooo. Let’s throw a fucking party like the 90’s is a thing now, and dance around listening to Dr Alban and Rhythm Is a Dancer and all that crap – yet – there’s Boblebad – he doesn’t know better, and that’s the shit.

01. Boblebad
02. Kongesangen
03. Gladsangen

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MMx088 The Secret Sound – My LovE

Finally, 3 new tracks from The Secret Sound – that is, one original track, and two remixes of that track – My LovE. These three tracks sees Kristine Marie Aasvang’s hypnotic vocals woven into a web of electronic pulses, drones and textures – it sounds like nothing I’ve ever heard before, and it’s just gorgeous. And it comes with this poem in Norwegian;

My LovE

I myk slow motion
forandrer det bevegelsen
komponentene i beherskelsen
ut av kroppen
det drypper snart
elveløpene av blod
når alt pompes til
ringer en jeg kaller
det er så lite som skal til
så rewinder kjemien seg
– jeg sublimeres

Artwork by Kristine herself.

01. My LovE
02. mY lOVe
03. my love

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MMx084 Phlu – Misoit

With ‘Misoit’ Phlu kicks the bucket. Steps into the land of the ex-parrots. Pulls the curtains. The fat lady has indeed started singing. After this, there is no more Phlu. Slithering out of his cracked shell, new pastures awaits. As he was stepping down, he was whispering in his beard – ‘gurgle, gurgle … got to make music for the kid … brumple, brumple … jazz … grsh, grsh … trombones … prufst, prufst … get away from 4/4′. Make of it what you will. Misoit is for times past and what lies ahead. No matter what you’re convinced the future might hold, it is sure to be something different! How refreshing.

As much as we have enjoyed releasing Phlu’s stuff on the label – we are looking much forward to what new sounds might come out of his experiments in the future. Artwork by Ulf himself.

01. Luleon
02. Summer Son
03. Kalimba II
04. Xersty
05. Attack of the Clowns
06. Fire Lake
07. Machres
08. Paraca
09. 2BContinued
10. Level Two
11. Clegm

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MMx082 Dels Quin – Formicidae

Dels Quin attempts with ‘Formicidae’ to paint a picture of the rise and fall of an ant colony. From the brutal mating ritual (Nuptial Flight), through the larva period (Metamorphosis), early beginning (Shredded Eggs), through the toil and struggle of the colony (Drones, Colonization, Ruling) leading up to the parasitic infection of the queen (The Mad Queen), her fall into the abyss of madness (Turmoil) and the demise of the empire (Doom). There isn’t a lot of drumming or rhythm going on in this one, but it can’t all be about beats. “I once had an ant farm, those fuckers didn’t grow shit” – Mitch Hedberg.

Artwork (and sounds) by Morten.

01. Nuptial Flight
02. Metamorphosis
03. Shredded Eggs
04. Drones
05. Colonization
06. Ruling
07. The Mad Queen
08. Turmoil
09. Doom

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MMx081 Muffa Grange – s/t

This in from Ulf to celebrate the new year.

Muffa Grange. Juggling beats for the strange in deranged ways, and nobody even pays. Attention: Piano roll overflow going too fast, but dying too slow. Down the drain of kindred horror, showcasing bee-stung grizzly bears hiding from evil. Afraid of sizzling clowns pretending they’re coming over. “That’s the way of the world”, somebody in the next room replies. Fluid running from pale blue eyes down the plastic chin, but no further. Lying dead lonely on a hospital bed with a constipated head when your life is over again.

Artwork by Morten.

01. Silent Snow
02. Softly
03. Zoom Out

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MMx077 Frocifer – Reformatted

This in from Ulf.

Frocifer the Robot, another weird character created by electronic musician Phlu Berghart, gives your digitalized brain orders to swipe your feet off the ground, leave the hoax and curse of social media behind, and levitate into outer space for a peaceful, galactic party inside the colourful nebulas of this universe for exactly thirteen minutes and thirtyone seconds.

Designed while waiting for Bergharts child to be born, Frocifer is a down-to-earth experiment done with his computer, partly on the couch in his livingroom and at a cabin near the sea. Also, the main project in Frocifers ‘life’ as a robot, is to terminate the existence of all the cruel, shit-talking perverts habiting earth, zapping them to another dimension where no one can hear their awful self-inflated egos scream for attention, and hence prevent them from ruining regular peoples everyday peace. Artwork by Ulf himself.

01. Waitin’
02. Stranger
03. FunkD
04. Level Four

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MMx076 Configurations – s/t

Croydon Juice Circuit and Beroun Kiefshe join forces as ‘Configurations’ – releasing a collection of distorted and transformed field recordings. Scraping, clacking, hissing, annoyingly off-beat, choppy and soaked in raspberry pie. If you ever come down to Ruby Bridge, you know where to lie. Artwork (and music) by Morten.

01. Calamari
02. Hoatzin
03. Peafowl
04. Cookiecutter
05. Fossa
06. Serval

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MMx075 Awarc – Loneslow

Ad work for the awkward, quirky drum perc loan shark asterix mark tally heart. And I drifted into REM. Ned Stark quark molecule cap reward onslaught. Diffusion is a dish best served cold. Unfold time traveller’s basket cop roof top retina stop collaborator. Load up your poker faces, and take them to the Joker.

Ok, I have nought more to write about this release. It’s odd electronic music made by Ulf. It’s well made and you might get the urge to hear it over and over. Artwork by Ulf.

01. Conprofit Polity
02. Lovaspard
03. Froficer Fout
04. Catober Resis

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MMx074 Rone Sure – Purple XI

The final version of Rone Sure’s EP (that was retracted a few months back) is done!

It’s songs about my time living on the streets of Buenos Aires, it was a rough and a good time – it’s a blues record, really, but also a sort of tango record – you should try to dance to it.

All of the sounds on this EP are samples of from Rone’s time on the street in Buenos Aires manipulated by the fantastic Octatrack. Artwork (and music) by Morten.

01. Black
02. White

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MMx073 Duelling Ants – Phones

‘Phones’ comes courtesy of one Hans Marius Jacobsen, aka Duelling Ants – incidentally one of the founding members of the legendary Elektrofisk (one of the first, if not, the first, websites in Norway covering electronic music).

The ground work on ‘Phones’ was made back in 2002. Working as a supervisor at my old elementary school, I used to sneak down to the basement and play the instruments of the school’s marching band and record sounds to my DAT-player. Focusing on percussion instruments, one particular recording session caught my interest over 10 years later after an annual basement clear-out. This short record evolves around sounds of the vibraphone and xylophone as the harmonic foundation, with various rhythmic elements as a constant backbone.

‘Phones’ are three beautifully crafted recordings I’ve been nagging Hans for for a couple of years now – the sound I personally find so exquisite it’d be a downright shame if we didn’t get to hear more at some point. Reminds me of early Thomas Knak, who is somewhat of a God in my book. In a time and age of compressors killing the organic dynamics of a lot of tracks, these three are just a joy to listen to, brilliantly mixed. Artwork by Hans Marius himself. Raw talent – enjoy!

01. Stretched Vibraphone
02. Xylophone and Drums
03. Distorted Xylophones

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MMx069 JL & Modarch – Shine UTGA

JL & Modarch traveled to Mongolia well over a year and a half ago to experience one of the most mythical regions of the world first-hand. And did they ever. They lived among a nomadic tribe travelling to distant places of the country – experiencing the hypnotically charged ambience of the Mongolian steppes on horseback, guided by animistic shamans and a people with an incredible sense of mysticism about them – a kind of aura almost non-existent in the modern human being.

This five track debut EP are inspired by and intended to accompany five Mongolian folk-tales JL & Modarch connected with on their travels and thought represented, although somewhat romantic, the beautiful ancient oasis in modern life in which the nomads live their lives. Hazy and ambient textures underneath simple and slowly evolving, almost child-like, melodies. Artwork (and music) by Morten.

01. The Lame Magpie Who Had Several Green Eggs
02. The Legend of Khokhoo Namjil
03. Why The Camel Rolls In The Ashes
04. The Cat Who Pretended To Be A Lama
05. How A Black Pudding, A Mare And A Calf Trick A Wolf

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MMx068 Pattern25 – Below The Surface EP

Incoming are the warped sounds from the cradle of civilization. Israeli Pattern25 invites you to his cavernous underwater lair ‘Below The Surface’;

See the beauty of the underworld. Dance with electrical scats and observe enormous orcas passing you by. Encounter wrecks of old pirates’ ships and maybe find some treasures left by savage peoples of the past. Disc shaped egg yolk jellyfish entangling the ocean’s scatter and debris in a cloudy comfortable mush, blisters of sun rays angled through the natural prism of the water surface, highlighting the ever so slowly growing and breathing reefs of the sea floor.

‘Below The Surface EP’ is a collection of four wonderfully dense and pulsating dub-techno like tracks to accompany your underwater exploration. Artwork by Morten.

01. Deepandense
02. Below The Surface
03. Lost Anchors
04. Reality Dive

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MMx067 Neizvestija – Adventures In Sineland

‘Adventures In Sineland’ is the latest brainchild from Swedish electronic experimentalist Neizvestija. Dense and ever-evolving clouds of drones washing the waves of your perception receptor into earlier, primordial states. Water, dust, gravel, growth, vegetation, mitochondria – reproduction in perpetuity. Neizvestija has this to say about the process of creating these tracks;

This album has grown out of mostly live improvisations over the last four months. I tend to search intuitively for a feeling, rather than composing and arranging consciously. The music grows and evolves out of this search, meaning it’s very hard to replicate. But what comes out if I try, will hopefully find its own place in existence. Artwork by Morten.

01. Adventures In Sineland
02. Sineland Revisited
03. The Three Horsemen
04. The Tarn is Dark and Its Waters Run Deep

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MMx066 Pawnsphinx – Songs From The Dead House EP

This just in from the shores of Brighton, Great Britain – a complete mind-bender extraordinaire courtesy of Benjamin Jarmarn, alias Pawnsphinx.

‘Songs From The Dead House EP’ is a short collection of tracks focusing on bringing the dualities of discordant and harmonic sound sources into a unified structure. The tracks feature peculiar textural arrangements which are set echoing from the depths of a primordial darkness. The almost macabre acousmatic treatments are subdued to some degree by the apparent lustre provided by the synthesized instrumental arrangements. There is, to this end, a degree of formless temporality; a stasis wherein a tenuous equilibrium is achieved.

The title of the EP is derived from the artist’s reading of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s novel ‘The House of The Dead’ which portrays the life of convicts in a Siberian prison camp.

Mastered by Gregg Janman (Hermtech Mastering). Artwork by Pawnsphinx.

01. Scarabaeus
02. Throat Ornament
03. Ill Defined Apprehensions

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MMx064 Green Gym – Roadrunner Bits

Green Gym’s ‘Roadrunner Bits’ is somewhat of a sentimental trip down memory lane – to days of swirling around in your head all day talking football and video games with the kids at school, spending a good three hours on the 20 minute walk home, avoiding the drunk with the crazy german shepherd by cautiously de-touring through the woods, getting caught up in trying to hide all the ice-hockey cards in the perfect hiding place under some rocks. Playing hide and seek with a bunch of kids from the neighbourhood, failing to utter the simplest of phrases in front of the cutest girl, feeling like the entire world is at one’s feet anyway, getting back to a friend’s house for a slumber party, and staying up all night playing Double Dragon.

This 4-piece EP was made (almost) entirely using synthesis from the legendary SID-chip found in the Commodore 64. Free push-pops to whoever gets the title references! Artwork (and music) by Morten.

01. What’s The Story Football Glory
02. Fat Knight Riding A Horse
03. Great Frogs Drink Lucozade
04. Breath Mint Snowman

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MMx062 Skiftende Bris – s/t

You know how it is – if your time to you is worth savin’, then you better start swimmin’, or you’ll sink like a stone. Welcome, new ones. This in from Ulf;

One day in this universe; floating around in a bed with rounded corners, waking up while checking if your pulse is still pulsating, finding that you and life are still square – you realize that something is wrong nevertheless. That’s OK, but finding yourself in the kitchen five minutes later with a singing refrigerator to your left, doesn’t help anything. You don’t consider madness as a probable cause, though. Your mind is raging, you are in fact pretty crazy. You run in circles to the melodies while eating breakfast like a hog, and there is a sudden stop in time. You may have found the key to eternal life, or you may have not. Totally oblivious, turning the lights on and off like a strobe just for fun for what seems like ages, while laughing hard, followed by choking, then caughing, you all of a sudden find yourself vomiting colours all over the floor, like an inflated, plastic rainbow punctuated by a needle hitting the ground, spreading out like the big bang itself is soaking your feet. Meanwhile, you search for the word meaning and it’s actual meaning in an ancient library inside the microwave oven. Finding no meaning doing that, you don’t go to work that day. Just sitting on your ass in front of the computer with the TV on in the background all day, sleeping, while playing old videogames on your stupid smartphone makes you feel better, though.

Artwork by Ulf himself.

01. Calculush
02. Trombonium
03. Videogaming
04. Attention
05. Lucky Love
06. One26
07. Skiftende Bris
08. Varm Luft
09. Arp
10. New Phlustep
11. Sex, Drugs & Videogames
12. Computer
13. Closed Eyes

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MMx058 Calculush – Pyromaniac

We got this record with a note attached to it in the mail the other day. Signed ‘Codd’;

Over thirty years has now past since the bastard child Calculush was born outside a shed near Slemdal in the turbid suburbs of Oslo, Norway, by an unidentified woman. He was then left to die in the woods near Gaustad Mental Hospital.

Luckily for us, someone found him that day. While looking for a tree to pee on in the woods after walking around the area with a patient few minutes earlier, a psychiatrist named Svein-Odd ‘Sodd’ Gundersen found him lying wrapped in a bundle. The until then childless psychiatrist immediately got what he himself considered a very bright idea, albeit it was of course an idea for a shady experiment.

He saved Calculush from certain death, but didn’t tell anyone. He gave him a room in his own basement. He always kept the room locked, and brought Calculush up as if he was his own child. This included a lot of solitude except for the weekly home-schooling, as ‘Sodd’ himself also had been home-schooled by his own parents. This started when Calculush reached a proper age for education, and went on for many years.

Still knowing nothing about the outside world, Calculush started to ask ‘Sodd’ many, many questions. Most of them was very frustrating for the mad psychiatrist, as it was merely about music. ‘Sodd’ hated music boundless, except Beethovens fifth symphony. He played it once for Calculush in a young age with educational purposes only, which he later regretted badly.

The psychiatrists idea was simple. He wanted to find out if he could make a copy of his own knowledge, put it inside a ‘blank’ persons mind, and see what he would become. He was of course hoping for a copy of himself, but came to the conclusion that he had failed on Calculush tenth birthday. He suddenly heard rythmic noises from the basement, stormed down the stairway, unlocked the door, and found Calculush drumming on the table. He then threw him out of the house, and Calculush, who never had met one single living person before, found himself walking down the streets alone – looking into a very uncertain future.

Now, twenty years later, after living as a shy and timid person, simply drumming for money in the streets of Oslo among other things, Calculush finally releases his debut album as a hip-hop producer. The album contains six instrumentals, which has little or nothing to do with his weird upbringing – it’s just Calculush’s way to tell us that he did manage to get a good life in the end, doing what he loves the most. Artwork by Vidar Otterholm.

01. Summer Bliss
02. Ooh-ooh-ooh
03. Seventyone
04. Past Blast
05. Pyromaniac
06. Gettin’ Old

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MMx057 Phlu – Exzschplojnk

‘Exzschplojnk’ is a Latin word used to translate the Cyrillic expression ‘оптической’, which first appeared in a Uzbek folklore dating back to year 500 BC. The term supposedly means “chasms of the soul” or “the wounds of the soul”. The ancient folklore deals with the hardships of a young shepherd, Alisher (meaning; “Great lion”), travelling all alone over the Russian tundras. At dawn one cold night, Alisher is stopped dead in his tracks when a drove of white oxen appears before him. The oxen summon a silver colored tube to appear right over Alisher’s head, through which Alisher hears the cries from another man;

When can I disentangle
from this meta-nonsense
and sail into adulthood like
a sailor filled with bravery?
Just like you are filled
with anxiety;
with the course set straight
onto the reef, then
reaching the bottom of the sea
without even to have lived
one single second of your entire life;
While the hollow sounds of techno
reverberates monotonically
through the Bosphorus strait.

The experience, strangely enough, comforted Alisher, who there and then realized that indeed all men of this earth suffer. What he could not comprehend, however, was the meaning of the word “techno”. It was indeed a message from the future. A sign of better things to come, he thought. And he went on with his life and died at the age of 85 inside his little cottage in the woods. Never did Alisher learn, that the man he had heard through the tube summoned by the white oxen, was Phlu, reaching out to him from the future. Artwork by Phlu himself.

01. Bridge #1
02. Sunday
03. Unless
04. Hawaawawawwaii
05. Faster (Phlu & Bananeter)
06. Aaaa
07. Tonight
08. OK

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MMx052 Rutotkak – s/t

Rutotkak – straight out of your state of the art waffle iron! Haven’t you ever asked yourself, while making waffles – “why can’t I ever find the right music to make waffles to?” – our buddy Ulf (Phlu) asked himself that quesiton, accepted the challenge as his own, took on the name Rutotkak (Norwegian trønder-dialect word for “waffle”) and ate a bunch of waffles to make music to eat waffles to™ – while slamming jam, sugar and brown goat cheese around in Ableton Live. Some of the goat cheese got stuck in the higher frequencies. The overall result, however – nothing short of exquisite. Middle aged women with kids will rejoyce in the fact that Rutotkak has carefully mixed just the right ingredients for the perfect waffle record – not too sweet, not too spicey – a touch of a square groove backdrop, sprinkled with sweet vocal cuts, and finished off with a tiny layer of meaty electronic jam. Now, doesn’t that just make your tase buds buzz?

01. Denne Gangen Væit Æ
02. Æ Kainn Itj Vent
03. Kainn Itj Se Dæ Der
04. Livet E Plutselig Bak Dæ

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MMx051 Agen, Olle Sjögren & Coax – Disconcerted & Discombobulated II

While Phlu did a live-set at Sound of Mu a couple of months back, he was lucky enough to have a talented set of people in the room hearing it. One of them was Agen, from 300AD, a very interesting music collective based in Norway, Sweden and Ireland. Agen asked Phlu if he could make a remix of his track ‘Disconcerted & Discombobulated’ to which Phlu obviously replied a resounding “yes” – the result is a wonderfully dreamy dub-techno like rendition of Phlu’s track from MarsMelon’s 36th release, ‘Mental Chillness‘. Olle Sjögren, another exciting musician we heard from mixing with Vaage and Wasserfall some months back, got in touch with Phlu as well, and decided to remix the very same track. His result – a playful upbeat version of the track, with some interesting rhythmical variations and a sort of disco-like undertone. We love it. Finally, Coax, a gem from the Norwegian underground with a host of releases already in his belt, delivers an absolute spine shivering finish to this remix-record – chopped up breakbeat rhythms with lots of interesting fills, slightly dissonant pads and atmospherical layers. A real gobsmacker for your fast tracker on a Thursday.

01. Disconcerted & Discombobulated II (Original Phlu Mix)
02. Disconcerted & Discombobulated II (Agen Remix)
03. Disconcerted & Discombobulated II (Olle2000 Remix)
04. Disconcerted & Discombobulated II (Coax Remix)

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MMx049 Phlu – Weirdness

Phlu woke up one day with a massive head-ache. He realized that his immediate surroundings were nothing like they used to be. Tiny egg-shaped men were dancing in his window cill, beef shaped butterflies were bungee jumping from the ceiling and below his bed, a bunch of lego-grills were rollerskating with the skull of an Action Man-figurine. ‘WTF?’ thought Phlu, who were suddenly thrown softly out of bed, onto the dancing lego-grills, who were now joined by a pack of holes in the ground cheering an anthem. Rising up, Phlu’s stomach churned, a loud honk hurled its way out of Phlu’s mouth before a miniature version of a freight truck came booming out after it. Rejoicing universe. ‘What did I have for supper last night?’ thought Phlu, before he was miniaturized to the side of his bedpost, now in a church in front of an altar, kissing a big floating magnetic ball filled with all of the little creatures that had been inside his room earlier. ‘You are now husband and life’, a voice declared from the hair of a tooth brush, and Phlu exploded into labor; giving birth to tiny bubbles of glittering matter from a wooden conception stuck on his chin.

Phlu woke up again, this time in the surroundings he were used to, but with a little box next to his bed. In it, 19 glittering bubbles with tiny mouths, lightly buzzing something undecipherable. ‘What to do?’ thought Phlu, who went on to develop a technique to interview the bubbles. Each and every track on this record is quite simply those tiny glittering bubbles answering the question ‘What worries you the most?’. So, better pay attention, there’s some otherworldly shit on display, revealing secrets formerly not known to our race (assuming you are a human).

01. Late For Work
02. Fell
03. Weirdness
04. Celluloid Ivory (Phlu & VDR86)
05. So Blind
06. Future Insecure
07. Paco y Cigarillos
08. Beer Can Do
09. Back Home
10. The Rules
11. Key Inside
12. All These Years
13. Seasick
14. Sangria
15. Too Fucked To Get Drunk
16. Mental Chillness
17. Early Birds
18. Summer Breeze
19. Beehive

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MMx044 Eddie Tambongo – Backpack & Two Shoes

Finally, Eddie Tambongo (the artist formerly known as ‘Snared’), is back in the mix! Eddie has been studying sound engineering since his last release on the label (2U9L69) back in 2009, and it goes to show – sound quality is crisp as a biscuit! Intricate rhythms move slowly and intertwine with equally sticky melodies, as Eddie does little to hide his fascination for jazz, kraut-rock and the new generation of ‘wonky’ hip-hop producers (Ras G, Onra, Flying Lotus etc).

Somewhat dark, beat-driven, organic and playful – ‘Backpack & Two Shoes’ contains three new tracks that will make you pop about in your opium cloud and shout out “beat kraut!” while trying to figure out the meaning of “Umlaut”. Artwork by Morten.

01. Dusty Days
02. Leafhopper
03. Rusty Pipes & Old Chairs

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MMx043 Happy League Cactus – Debacle Park

Happy League Cactus returns with a soundtrack for his upcoming sci-fi movie titled ‘Debacle Park’. The tracks describes the exploration of the movie’s protagonist ‘Kilgallon’ as he tries to find his sister after a devastating war. It’s a violent hero’s journey, littered with joyous psychedelic abandon, the occasional “aha”-experience – and a questionable spiritual redemption luring in the other end. Here are some excerpts from the movie script for added contextual reference;

On their feet, worn almost as shoes; decapitated heads of various former members of the police force made squishing, choking sounds as they were stumped down into the wooden floor, painting the floor with a red and purple pattern. One of the dancers had her toe sticking out of one of the head’s nose, smearing its mustache with blood.

The ground beneath us turned into a pink swamp-like mush, and from all the corners of the room, wires exploded through the walls and joined at an intersection just above the pool table in the centre of the room.

Then some guy winks and pulls out a cigarette and lights it. Out of the cigarette an imp appears, saying; The disc has got ya!

‘Debacle Park’ is really just a collection of short and rather monotonous tracks made by Happy League Cactus. Artwork (and music) by Morten.

01. Light Spectacle (Intro)
02. Gattle
03. Limestone
04. Duly Yours
05. Eating Charlie
06. Rat Pack Bobsleigh
07. Ghost Police Waltz
08. Iron Snakes In Stone Rivers
09. Fear & Laziness
10. Target Fascination
11. Rituals
12. Fiscal Mugs
13. Tivoli Pints
14. Carpets
15. Go South
16. Ladder Gnomes
17. Spaghetti Octopus
18. Thirst
19. The Cold Sweeping Kilos

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MMx041 Wooly Uli – Mesolimbic Disarray

Do you remember the 80’s? Haha, what were we up to back then? We, or shall I say they, looked so stupid. Thankfully, we have now learned, so that we won’t look as stupid twenty years from now, thank God. Let’s look at these old photos and laugh at how stupid we looked. Haha. Over to you Barbara.

Basically Ulf has made a new record, it sounds like it’s from the 80’s and it’s about Ulf’s fascination with mental disorders. It’s very catchy, has some really cheesy sound effects every now and then, and Ulf is singing on some of the tracks.

In all honesty though, there’s a very serious underlying tone to this record, with lyrics and an atmosphere exploring and questioning certain elements of human (distorted) perception. How can our only true vehicle for experiences (our consciousness) dissolve, and what are we then?

01. You Know You Don’t Know
02. Machine
03. On Your Own
04. Screaming Silence
05. In Front of My TV
06. You Can Be Blue
07. Paranoid
08. Broken Promises

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MMx040 Oskars Herliņš – Skandarbi Sintetiskajam Orkestrim

Find a druid manacled on the rack. Open the iron maiden. Pick up the flaming brand at the center of the room. Pick up the mints by the door. Talk to the druid and then remove the ring. Try to convince the druid that you are not evil. Et cetera.

‘Skandarbi Sintetiskajam Orkestrim’, the latest tongue twister and modern classical composition by Latvian composer Oskars Herliņš, may not be Latvian for ‘Simon The Sorcerer’, but I’m guessing it’s pretty close. These four pieces instills in me the same kind of mysticism and wonder that the Amiga video game instilled in me as a kid. This EP contains some wonderfully layered beat-less midi-compositions that takes your mind on a magical journey through the woods, by the witch’s hut, through the dragon’s lair, past the claw-fingered snowman, over the blast furnace on a broom, through micro-land, “hasta la pizza, baby” and Sordid turns to stone.

There is, however, a sophistication to these pieces that distinguishes them from old-school adventure game-music, a sort of seriousness in its intricacy, the mysticism matured, if you like, which perhaps make these pieces more interesting than the good old Amiga compositions. Make no mistake, this is by no means 8-bit midi-music.

01. Through Imaginary Worlds
02. Kafka Metro
03. Gondvana
04. Ka Uzbuvet Lidojoso Skiviti

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MMx039 Phlu vs. Bananeter – Impregnated World EP

This in from Ulf a couple of months back (been too busy procrastinating to put it out);

Phlu and Bananeter (aka. Eddie Tambongo/Snared) ate tacos, drank beer and made this EP on a friday night last fall. Two of the tracks can be slightly reminding of a drunk or high James Blake. While made on a friday, the tune ‘Happy Friday, Motherfucker’ resembles that old friday-feeling most people get when the working week is over and they can pop their first beer of the weekend, finally free from the chains of societys money-making circus (At least as long as they are at their own home.) But we know that as a reality, it won’t last long. It’s just for a limited time-span called the weekEND. Another working week will come. That insight can cause a sad moment even though it’s a friday night, so play this EP loud and sing along like you are a drugged down, drunk walrus who’s never going back to work!

Cover by Phlu.

01. Impregnated World
02. Free Pills Through My Soul
03. Happy Friday, Motherfucker

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MMx038 Stjerna – DMZ

DMZ, or De Militarized Zone, is a physical or logical subnetwork that contains and exposes an organization’s external services to a larger untrusted network. There’s a certain noir comic vibe to this release, although, musically speaking, there’s no escaping the comparisons to Burial, Mount Kimbie and Sepalcure. Some league to be in though! Sounding somewhat like a mix between the three pioneers within experimental and perhaps more subtle dubstep isn’t exactly a negative feat, it’s a pretty incredible accomplishment in my book! The good kind of spine shivers. There’s a hazy and frail fidgeting feeling over this, slightly skipping with off-beat jazz-like rhytms, but the textures and melodies are oh so warm and comforting.

I’m really honored to release this 6-piece on the label, and like so many other releases on the label, it really deserves a vinyl release. So, if you feel like sponsoring or lending us money, give me a holler! Artwork by Morten.

01. Cease All Creation
02. Encourage His Arrogance
03. Bolstering Lost Ground Fortress
04. A Golden Bridge To Retreat Across
05. Penetrating Spies Cannot Pry
06. Secret Ops

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MMx036 Phlu – Mental Chillness

A walk through the dire mud of everyday life, sprinkled with the occasional sunshine penetration. Mental dwarfs looking for pussy behind doors, blow pads, metal piece nose separation. A neurotic cartoon ‘Nirvana’, oozing sprays of sticky aromas, clinging to matter like tar sand. To enjoy light, one must also appreciate darkness. Balancing on the thin line stretching over the nuclear waste covering parts of a flourishing meadow. The king of snooze-techno has returned, and it’s an LP! 12 new tracks, damn!

Phlu produced this record over the rainy summer, which gives us a few pointers to its ambivalent nature. There are some wonderfully warm melodies on show on this record, as well as some much welcomed rhythmical experimentation. ‘Juxtapositive Minds’ skips along like a slightly damaged old record, while ‘Another Re-Detached Surface of Thought’ explores a different musical realm altogether. Artwork by Ulf.

01. Weak End
02. Blabbering Of The Quitter
03. Hippielusions Of Grandeur
04. Psychobabble Theft
05. Juxtapositive Minds
06. Five Joints Left
07. Disconcerted & Discombobulated
08. No Use For A Brain
09. Another Re-detached Surface Of Thought
10. Decomposed Soil Of The Soul
11. Dark Lights
12. End Station

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MMx034 Phlu – Late For Work

Ulf returns with his silver tailed dream character moniker ‘Phlu’, and with him he’s got a couragous mission; reclaim your sleep! And it’s a mission well worth fighting for. For what better, more noble activity can man partake in without causing this world any further pain or misery? Lulled away on distant alien shores, quietly flying about observing an ever changing absurdly exotic environment. Talking to another version of you, playing fantastic sounding music on a three sided elephant with a conch-like marshmallows trunk, having your arms float up in space, only to drop two parallell velcro curtains bursting out naked ladies with caramel tits. This arcadian existence time and again disrupted only by the sound of an alarm clock. Waking up. Going to work. Misery.

These tracks are an ode to the art of sleeping in. To travelling away to the lands of our actual dreams. Spiritual perfection, light and creation. Turn off your alarm clock and sleep in, it will change your life. Artwork by Ulf & Morten.

01. Days In The Sun
02. Snoozing
03. Dreams Evolve
04. Sunbeam Walk
05. The Awakening
06. Road
07. The Working Week

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MMx032 Stjerna – Bekkestua Bronx

Bekkestua Bronx – home of the hard, finally being paid proper homage to by one of its finest citizens, Stjerna, who started shaping his skills with Fruity Loops back in the day when occupying the only crack den not to have been raided by the police this side of Baltimore (said crack den much depicted in the ‘Brik’ music video posted below). Some of those older experiments ultimately lead to a few of the tracks on this record, which is why you can smell a light hint of purple caps and yam-yay sieving through your speakers when you listen to them. There’s also a mystique going on in this record, people in the know claim it contains a hidden underlying melody, if decoded correctly, it reveals the location of a secret haven known as ‘Bakgaarden’.

Mostly hard hitting, well produced, intrinsically rhythmic, weird, experimental and downright brilliant, Bekkestua Bronx delivers with one of the best odes to life on the streets in contemporary Bekkestua. Artwork by Morten.

1. Skuxxx
2. Base Di Alcool
3. Brik
4. Hilfe
5. It’s Not
6. Kompl
7. Paethon
8. Pwnd
9. Showdem

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MMx029 Yoko Og Nei – The Break-Up Album

After a huge fight that ended with the police coming in their fourth floor window (who would have guessed, pigs can in fact fly!) Yoko & Nei decided to end their relationship. Thomas digged up two old tunes and recorded two new tunes that would make up this break-up album.

Experimentally free flowing in its course, three of the tracks on this EP staggers along with minimalistic percussive support, relying heavily on backdrop basslines and synthesizer melodies, which works particularily well on the first track, ‘The Reason (Part One)’. Another standout track is ‘Up’, the only tune on the EP without a percussion track at all. It has, however, tons of interesting layers of harmonies and melodies moving in and out of one another, filling a sort of void with sadness. Artwork by Morten.

01. The Reason (Part One)
02. The Re-re-ac-tor
03. Up
04. The Reason (Part Two)

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MMx028 Step-Brother Taxi – Practice Silencer

Gunerius Quack and Stjerna teams up for a hazy long distance journey in the Step-Brother Taxi. Its wooden exterior brush through wild forests and barren deserts, constantly trigging, it seems, the spirit of the land it surpasses, which substantiates itself in different forms and in different harmonies. ‘Religious Embryo’ with its sneaking snakes on dry grounds, vultures hovering the sky, a hungry lion, the crusted ground emitting heat as a prey is targeted, realising you are the pray, then the netherworlds, ‘Dyslexic Cocaine’, and lush glades and plants ripe with fruit, moist greenery and a fleshy pulp drowning a kernel spitting seeds, a ‘par holistique’ far from the strict syntax of crystalline tropane.

This wonderful two-tracker was recorded live in Sarpsborg in the beginning of September, and it’s an absolute treat, surely the most beautiful piece of music we have released on this site to date. We sure hope there is more to come from this duo. Artwork by Morten.

01. Religious Embryo
02. Dyslexic Cocaine

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MMx027 Stjerna – Bügelen

The many faced creative force that is Stjerna returns to the frame with a deep four track EP titled ‘Bügeln’. The title of the EP, being a certain give away to Stjerna’s German connection (‘bügeln’ is the German word for ‘iron’), is also an obvious statement of the actual sound on the record. Deep basslines whoomping underneath a cold industrial spectre of drugged out textures and primal rhythmic patterns, progressing steadily as it wipes out all warmth as a stone cold lazer over the ever returning presence of an horizon in orbit.

Fall is upon us, and this EP serves as a sort of reversed psychological trick, if you like – invite the cold and dark in voluntarily, and it won’t bother you as much as it would normally. Sit down, let go, and be in ease with the freeze, consume the gloom, and inquire the dire. Artwork by Morten.

01. 3
02. Kassa 44
03. Bonq3
04. Smoof

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MMx026 Happy League Cactus – Spouse & Drippin

Out of the crates we dig some old stuff from Happy League Cactus. It’s a lo-fi dirty electronic concoction of techno and beat based music that wasn’t really meant for anybody’s ears. The collection of tracks is covering a great diversity in themes, from life cycles and metabolism, via alchemy and paranormal phenomena, to finding your inner child and Willy amongst all the fruit in that damn children’s book (fruit world was the hardest by far). ‘Ice-Cream Eathing Motherfuckers’ is an ode to Washington’s greatest sons, Fugazi, whilst ‘Undergrund’ was originally a remix of a 120 Grader Virvar-track, now featuring Sage Francis reciting his heartfelt ‘Hopeless’-poem. ‘White Dots’ is by far the most ambitious track, featuring spoken word by Daniel Savi and Kristoffer Bøegh (Blaendvaerk) to a poem written by Happy League Cactus himself.

The poem is some sort of new age mumbo jumbo, ‘the simultaneous puffs of black smoke from the heads’, ‘with that swallowing cold spark still dripping’, ‘her veins and branches and lines from pencils going off the page’ etc. Artwork by Morten.

01. Fruits
02. Ice-Cream Eating Motherfuckers
03. Ectoplastician
04. Undergrund (HLC Remix feat. Sage Francis)
05. White Dots

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MMx025 The Southern Halos – If Pigs Could Fly

This year’s summer hit comes from The Southern Halos, who begs you to hop on the chillwave-train and let your worries fly away along with the passing pigs. The music is in the vein of the relatively recent musical phenomenon called ‘chillwave’. Half droopy juicy electronic beats over some warm organic guitar melody. And obviously the kind of high poetry and vocal performance by the dudes that made that music.

If you think you’re free, there’s no escape possible. Something, something, naked mass. You know the drill. It’s the vibe you’re after, learning the words aren’t too important. The Southern Halos are Ulf (Seminole Bingo), Steinar (Nebbb and Stjerna) and Thomas (most of the bands on the label). Cover art by Ulf.

01. If Pigs Could Fly

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MMx024 Applikation Neptun – #01 – 3417-41CB

Heavily inspired by Autechre and Amon Tobin, 21 year old Nikolai Straarup, aka Applikation Neptun, dives into the world of avant-garde techno and breakbeat with a somewhat puritan approach. Nikolai produces his sounds without using regular hardware or software synthesizers, he generates sinus-, saw- and square-waves and puts effects on them manually. It’s probably what gives his sound that cold and techy feeling and a sensation of being shot somewhere at random through wires at high speed over barren synthethic tundras, like a futuristic teleport signal gone astray. It sounds dark and cold, metallic, and incredibly intricate in its layering of especially drums and bass. Some of the rhythmic patterns on show on this six-piece EP are nothing short of stunning. Equally so, the mind bending atmospheres associated with early morning raves that has stalled in some sort of static claustrophobic blender.

Nikolai’s live show is also somewhat remarkable – he draws abstract and colorful images on a big screen in whatever simple image making program he has available on his computer. One of Nikolai’s more laborious efforts in Paint Shop Pro resulted in the cover for the EP.

01. The Sewers
02. Into Craziness
03. Nestesaippua
04. Ned I En Slugt 2
05. Treasure
06. Automatic Garden Improval System

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MMx023 Stjerna – I Have Come, I Have Destroyed Evil

From Steinar Raanaa, aka Stjerna, comes this year’s early x-mas present, a three piece EP to make you dream away to warmer locations. Stjerna is one of the two beat smiths from the new Nebbb-setup (the other one being Anders/Snared) – he possesses a natural gift for coming up with that extra quirky drum beat or melody to crank a tune up the few notches it needs.

Over the years I’ve come to associate most of his productions with a harder and darker sound, but on ‘I Have Come, I Have Destroyed Evil’ Stjerna turns on the summery lights and let you slide down into a comfortable hammock hovering just above the warm ocean with all kinds of cloudy dreamery going on above you. It’s a short lived dream, at only 8 minutes and 33 seconds, but it’s enough to get you out of that cold winter freeze for a few moments.

01. Addicts of Drugs Not Yet Synthesized
02. Bureaucrats of Spectral Departments
03. I Have Purified Myself

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MMx022 Wasserfall – Last Days EP

Wasserfall has been making some absolutely sublime minimal tracks over the years, and presented on this EP entitled ‘Last Days’ are three of his latest works created while still living in Berlin, the cradle of minimal music. His production is, as always, lush and clean, the tunes somewhat loungy and laid-back, yet subtly asking you to get in tune to move. There’s also a certain soundtrack feeling to these tracks, and it might not come as a surprise to you after hearing the EP that Wasserfall has indeed studied film.

The absolutely gorgeous cover art was made by Henrik Steen, who once was part of The 95 Percent Community.

01. Last Days in June
02. Last Days in July
03. Algorytmic Microbe

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MMx018 Blaendvaerk – s/t

Kristoffer, or Blaendvaerk, cites the universe and its origin as the inspiration and the subject of his self-titled debut EP. When asked to describe the sound of his work, Blaendvaerk capitulates into what could seem like a fog of existentialist questioning; – [The EP is] full of stimulating, exciting ideas and speculations, with an engrossing and intelligent sound, it engages the listener in addressing the problems presented. To what extent is there a place for compassion in nature; even if the universe is blind and uncaring, do I still have duties and obligations? And uncaring, do I still have duties and obligations?

Following in the foot-steps of the electronic music pioneers, such as compatriot Else Marie Pade, Blaendvaerk approaches musique concrete with a refreshing bag of new attitudes and trickery.

01. Forårssang
02. Sorte Nat
03. Forvirring, Ingen Indre Dialog
04. Studie
05. Slaven

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MMx016 ReneKim – Going Pro

ReneKim has been producing techno for years, and could be said to be somewhat of an underground gem in his native Denmark. Sporting the motto “4 to the floor” like none other I have ever met, ReneKim doesn’t stray far from the roots of techno, but for the occasional poetic Danish vocal cuts here and there. ReneKim’s hedonistic live-show antics even more so reveals his Detroit-connection, screaming and pounding away on his Akai midi-controller like any mad hockey-fan during a Red Wings-game.

‘Going Pro’ consists of six tracks produced during spring 2009, and sounds like something that could easily be a soundtrack for a racing game. Artwork by ReneKim.

01. Up-Down
02. Alenehed
03. Selvstændige Kvinder
04. Hardlife
05. Silennnt
06. På Vej

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MMx014 Oskars Herliņš – s/t EP

It’s an honor to present four early works of Latvian contemporary composer, Oskars Herliņš, to you lot. To describe his first piece of experimental ambience, Oskars vows for modern poetry, imagining the grand stylus of earthly architecture;

“Already nowadays the dream has become a reality: within a radius of hundreds of kilometres live images in a variety of colours are transmitted together with a sound accompaniment. A man has conquered time and space. Radio waves like a joyful swarm engulf the Globe. And may this wonder awaken feelings of unity in all people of the planet!”

01. Viļņi (Brīnums) [Waves (Miracle)]
02. Sapnu Puisens [Dream boy]
03. Etide Diviem [Etude for two]
04. Noslepums Nr.69 [Secret Nr.69]

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MMx012 Jokkemaskinen & The Police – Music For A Comic Book

What happens when a dude that has played just about every instrument there is to play in this world gets to play with Ableton Live while reading a lot of Jason-comics? Well, Music For A Comic Book, of course. Jokkemaskinen & The Police delivers distant atmospheric ambient with trademark high altitude textures. Over the course of this 28 minute two tracker, it becomes all the more obvious that this boy grew up close to the mountains – it’s peaceful, yet earth shattering.

Jokkemaskinen & The Police is one Thomas Bergsten, and must by no means be confused with the lack luster pop-outfit from the 70’s. There’s far more sting® to this stuff. Jokes aside, this was recorded in the early parts of 2009, and we sure hope there is more to come. Artwork by Morten.

01. Vinden Blaaser Framaat
02. Music For A Comic Book

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MMx008 Seminole Bingo – Schizophobia

No one says it better than our good old Ulf, the melodic genius behind another strange release on the label; “Seminole Bingo is your neighbour’s dog on weed, trying to make music for no purpose at all. It contains tunes mostly from the great year of 2005, a very green year”. Here you’ll find tracks varying from Justice-like party dance, via experimental IDM to Primus-inspired (or so it seems) electro-ska. In the words of the good ol’ funcrushers; independent like a fuck! Artwork by Ulf himself.

01. I Hate Tv-themes
02. Remembering Tomorrow
03. I Don’t Even Know Myself These Days
04. Remind Me Who I Am
05. Still Wack
06. It’s The Weight Of The World

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MMx004 Nebbb – Jarred Fink’s Ultimate Experience

With ‘Jarred Fink’s Ultimate Experience’, Nebbb enters the world of audio theater, and tries to direct the play ‘Albini & Beefheart at a stagnant seaside structure’ as seen through the eyes of theater director, the mysterious Jarred Fink. Thomas’s squeeking guitars battles over Michael’s haunting drum machine segments, while the desperate psychotic cries of Steinar tries to break through the wall of sound in the background. Sometimes mellow, sometimes chaotic, other times almost beautiful, most of the time just plain strange.

This recording was meant as demo/sketch for the band back when it was recorded in 2004, but since the process didn’t get any further, here it is, in all it’s glory. The band consisted of Andreas, Jan, Thomas, Michael & Steinar. Artwork by Morten.

01. Liten Stille Pinne
02. Get Groovey
03. Even More Groovey
04. Interlude
05. Hmmmm
06. Hva skjer, jeg dør, jeg er fjern

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