MMx055 Nebbb – Branding Is Demanding

‘Branding Is Demanding’ is the second, and final, in the series of recent Nebbb-releases. Some great jams and tracks in it. Nice sound quality too. Here’s what Thomas has to say about the release;

Second time at Musikkskolen, this time with digital equipment with a lot more head room for mixing. Good or bad? You’ll have to decide for your self. Not as raw sounding as the self titled CDR release recorded a year earlier, but with harcore tracks like ‘Antikrist’ and ‘Nebbb In Black’ that kinda takes care of itself. This release also features som brass overdubs done at Studio KinkyGris and also what appears to be an attempt on a hit single, ‘AfroSpace’.

If you want this on cassette with a nice cover and all, e-mail Thomas at – gunerius.quack[at]gmail.com. Written and performed by Nebbb, produced by Thomas Bergsten. The release comes with another fine artwork courtesy of the talented Christopher Owe.


01. Side A
02. Side B

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MMx054 Nebbb – s/t

Nebbb re-formed with a new setup in 2009 and started rehearsing in what came to be known as the Skinkegris Pirate Studio (aka the room next to where I used to sleep). They often rehearsed on Sundays, and they were loud as a truck. I still liked them. Here’s Thomas’s lowdown on this first release (of two) from Nebbb’s most recent material to date;

Recorded to a four track cassette at Musikkskolen (the Holy Grail/Abbey Road of Bærum’s underground scene), these were the first recordings Nebbb had done after re-forming in 2009. The sound is raw and the songs are loose and kinda short at this point. Some of the first Nebbb is still showing with the hardcore tunes like Black Mambo and Nebbb but also drifts into longer more free tunes.

This is what happens when hippies are trying to play hardcore! If you want this on CDR with a nice cover and all, e-mail Thomas at – gunerius.quack[at]gmail.com. Artwork by the talented Christopher Owe.

01. A Day At The Office
02. Disco
03. Black Mambo
04. Interlude Dub
05. Untitled #1
06. Dixie
07. Tsjernobyl (The Soundtrack)
08. Grateful Nebbb

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MMx020 Make It A Dead One – The World Is Running Out of Letters

This record was first released on How Is Annie Records back in 2005, but has sold out long ago. So we bring it back. With two bonus tracks! This is what How Is Annie Records described these guys’ sound back then;

– These youngsters do their thing in Trondheim and is the only one in their genre here at the moment. Beautiful mid 90’s screamo in the vein of Saetia, Harriet The Spy and Funeral Diner. Artwork by Andreas Myklebust.

01. Sail Down Corpse-Maker
02. I Blame Radio Violence
03. It’s Time For Your Cheque-Book To Meet Its Maker
04. A Sunburned Sight On Second Boulevard
05. You Sure Made A Churchgoer Out of Me

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MMx006 Evasion – Hockey Temper

‘Hockey Temper’ consists of three songs recorded with a video camera (hence the rather squeeky quality) in Martin’s basement one evening during fall 2005. The band initially started out a few months prior to the recording, with the intention of having fun making some classic late 80’s hardcore in the vein of Youth of Today, Bold, Jerry’s Kids, Bad Brains etc.

The band’s longest ever show was played at Black Eyed Bean in Oslo, when they played for at least 15 minutes (which included a Dag Nasty-cover and a replay of a song). That’s just why this record clocks in at only 6:55. Artwork by Morten.

01. Evasion
02. About To Explode
03. Stay Dedicated

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MMx004 Nebbb – Jarred Fink’s Ultimate Experience

With ‘Jarred Fink’s Ultimate Experience’, Nebbb enters the world of audio theater, and tries to direct the play ‘Albini & Beefheart at a stagnant seaside structure’ as seen through the eyes of theater director, the mysterious Jarred Fink. Thomas’s squeeking guitars battles over Michael’s haunting drum machine segments, while the desperate psychotic cries of Steinar tries to break through the wall of sound in the background. Sometimes mellow, sometimes chaotic, other times almost beautiful, most of the time just plain strange.

This recording was meant as demo/sketch for the band back when it was recorded in 2004, but since the process didn’t get any further, here it is, in all it’s glory. The band consisted of Andreas, Jan, Thomas, Michael & Steinar. Artwork by Morten.

01. Liten Stille Pinne
02. Get Groovey
03. Even More Groovey
04. Interlude
05. Hmmmm
06. Hva skjer, jeg dør, jeg er fjern

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