MMx033 Gunerius Quack & Big Chief vs Jokkemaskinen & The Police – s/t

Welcome to a schizofrenic battle of the weirdos. It kicks off with a noisy processed violin by Jokkemaskinen & The Police, when Gunerius Quack answers with an eleven string meditative improvisation in the style of John Fahey and Robbie Basho. Jokkemaskinen & The Police then tries to go ballers with the guitar, but ends up making it sound more like home, coffee and newspapers on table (resting on couch). Big Chief then plays (and sings) a standard blues song that Jokkemaskinen & The Police steals the reverberation from, and showcases a minimal drone, before turning it into an electro piece. At the very end Thomas Bergsten comes with a minimal organ duet similar to the early minimalist works of Philip Glass and Steve Reich.

So that’s sixteen minutes and fourty two seconds of hazy Thursday evening vegetable patch card game music for ya! Artwork by Morten.

1. Calibrate For Ice-Hockey
2. Paradigm Mom
3. Goloc House
4. Experience ISO

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MMx007 Wacky Duck – s/t

Our dear beloved friend, Wacky Duck, has finally been released from prison, after having served a sentence of 13 years for domestic disturbance. While in prison, Wacky Duck formed a band consisting of three different personality types, and he himself described the project to us when we interviewed him a couple of years ago through those phones they use in prison;

“Wacky Duck is a noise/rock trio that played together once and luckily someone was there to record it! Either way, they’ve never played live, they have played together once, but they are availible for playing in funerals, weddings, and kids birthday parties.” So, now you know who to call for that next funeral party. Check out “about” for contact information. Artwork by Morten.

01. Når Bollene Tar Over Konditoriet
02. Andre Juni Var Ingen Helligdag, Men Den Var Fin Alikevel
03. The Eagle Has Landed, And Smells Like Death
04. Two Way Monolog
05. Hit #1 (Vi Lager Noise Skive)
06. We’re Rollin’
07. Drum Solo
08. Er Du Klar? Er Du Klar!?
09. Alf Prøysen, Dagen Før Dagen
10. Uten Tittel
11. MORE!
12. Dans For Voksne
13. Emo Ut Av Norge

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MMx002 Beleband – s/t

Apparently, the story behind this release is as follows; – It started one day when Thomas, Andreas and Bele were playing outside in the sun, just having fun and Thomas screamed with every power he had “Ta av deg på overkroppen” (loosely translated; take off your top) to a girl walking by. “Wow!”, the others thought, you should start a band. So they did. And this self-titled album is the culmination of the project.

Needless to say we love it. And you should do too. Artwork by Morten.

01. Sansesangen
02. Rosinen I Pølsa
03. Noen Ganger
04. Dragen og den Lille Jenta
05. Svadesangen
06. Min Egen Begravelse
07. Klausrofobi
08. Indre Materier i Hjernen
09. Verdens Lystigste Sang
10. Mislykka Blues
11. Beleband
12. Ta Av Deg På Overkroppen

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MMx001 Amor Fati – Trilogien Om Den Triste Skilpadden

Amor Fati is a duo consisting of Andreas Lande and Thomas Bergsten. They started playing together when they found two organs on a flea marked back in 1999 and immediately started recording their own brand of improvised organ music.

‘Trilogien Om Den Triste Skilpadden’ (‘Trilogy of the Sad Turtle’) is a story about a sad turtle in three parts inspired by a dream both Thomas and Andreas had. Amor Fati sadly died when one of the organs got killed on a Ganjibiri concert, if we’re lucky they’ll play live again someday. Recorded in 1999. Artwork by Morten.

1. Den Triste Skilpadden
2. Vi Prøver Å Gjøre Skilpadden Glad
3. Skilpadden Sier Den Egentlig Ikke Er Trist

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