MMx127 Duelling Ants – Two Birds / One Seed

Two Birds / One Seed is Duelling Ants’ latest minimalist forest trekker. 16 tracks that just breathes like living organisms, rich with harmonies and odd quirky sound design. In a music world where everyone is competing for faster, harder, louder – this is the much needed anti-dote. It’s absolutely lovely.

01 Space travellers
02 Klare dråper
03 Byen var forlatt
04 Jeg vil være fri
05 Ville tilstander i indre by
06 Skogen er våt
07 Mesmerize
08 You’ll know when I’m ready
09 Rain
10 Birds fly home
11 Resonant
12 Strings
13 Følger lyset
14 The beginning
15 Birthday
16 Mindset

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MMx124 Moon Zero-XM Personality Disorders #1

The first issue of a compilation series dubbed “personality disorders” featuring various nutcase recordings from the soon to be vacated Moon Zero-XM studio. All sounds on all of the tracks were made and composed with a modular synthesizer, so it’s quite rough around the edges. Business as usual, then.

01. Croydon Juice Circuit – Swimming Pool Frog
02. Tormod Enoksen – Kano
03. Gatorshades – Wrath
04. Jerry Gestingo – Coils
05. Kyalka – There is a policeman inside my head, he must be destroyed
06. Pourteroise – Gender Specific
07. Beroun Kiefshe – Greyhound
08. Tormod Enoksen – Pedagogbunkers
09. Lorry Ghost Con – Prod
10. Fengselskatalogen – Karbonpølser
11. Croydon Juice Circuit – Pill Shivers
12. Croydon Juice Circuit – Invalid Explanation
13. Screen Phoenix – Absolution
14. PÖM – Kettlefish
15. Configurations – Leprechaun
16. Dels Quin – Mock Duck
17. Aldershot Bakery – Pivots
18. Devious Dan – Spoilers
19. Croydon Juice Circuit – Knock One Out
20. Tormod Enoksen – Si hei i skogen
21. Beroun Kiefshe – No Ego Pulpit
22. Trollope Potions – Surfenade
23. Charterhouse – Kygo for voksne

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MMx121 Duelling Ants – My Thoughts Are Somebody Else’s

Nine exquisite new tracks from Duelling Ants dubbed “My Thoughts Are Somebody Else’s”. Just how many times have you felt like a book case, sitting in the living room gathering dust, full of thoughts already written? How about now?

If you’ve followed MarsMelons at all over the past few years, you know Duelling Ants is one to look out for, so no further intro should be needed for these tracks – just put them on your playback device of choice, head out into the woods for a walk and press play.

01. The Trail
02. Spiritual
03. Feel Your Feel
04. The View
05. God in Spring
06. Campside
07. Based on Random Thoughts
08. Våken Hele Natta
09. Error

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MMx111 Lysaker Zoo – 247

There’s a house on the corner that’s yella’, and nobody lives inside (well, apart from the cat, the three monkeys and a bunch of ants). I think somebody tried to sell’a, but nobody wanted to buy. Cus the animals run the house, yeah, the animals run the house.

Naive electronica from Lysaker, where the animals run the house 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

01. Lastebiler
02. Gretten katt, glad fugl
03. Gjemsel med Diddi
04. Ekstra strøssel
05. Første til andre etasje, vi hører dere
06. Stigen er borte, pytt pytt

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MMx047 Wasserfall – Edits

Wasserfall has been gaining some serious speed lately, having released a wonderful EP for Greta Cottage Workshop earlier in the year, and continues his forward roll with a fine set of tracks for MarsMelons. This four piece release consists of four lovely crafted edits of songs by Adele, Håkon Kornstad, Feist and Big Chief (feat. Red Velvet) respectively. From the almost acapella version of Adele’s ‘Turning Table’ through the jazzy ‘Oslo’ (by Kornstad) and the playful ‘Tout Decement’ (by Feist), these edits ooze of the quality we have come to know Wasserfall’s work by.

Unfortunately, the track ‘Feist – Tout Decement (Wasserfall Edit)’ can not be streamed, due to a copyright infringement claim by Spotify – so make sure you download it. Artwork by Morten.

01. Adele – Turning Tables (Wasserfall Edit)
02. Håkon Kornstad – Oslo (Wasserfall Edit)
03. Feist – Tout Decement (Wasserfall Edit)
04. Big Chief Featuring Red Velvet – I’ll Be Running From The Law (Wasserfall Edit)

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