Musique Concrete

MMx076 Configurations – s/t

Croydon Juice Circuit and Beroun Kiefshe join forces as ‘Configurations’ – releasing a collection of distorted and transformed field recordings. Scraping, clacking, hissing, annoyingly off-beat, choppy and soaked in raspberry pie. If you ever come down to Ruby Bridge, you know where to lie. Artwork (and music) by Morten.

01. Calamari
02. Hoatzin
03. Peafowl
04. Cookiecutter
05. Fossa
06. Serval

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MMx018 Blaendvaerk – s/t

Kristoffer, or Blaendvaerk, cites the universe and its origin as the inspiration and the subject of his self-titled debut EP. When asked to describe the sound of his work, Blaendvaerk capitulates into what could seem like a fog of existentialist questioning; – [The EP is] full of stimulating, exciting ideas and speculations, with an engrossing and intelligent sound, it engages the listener in addressing the problems presented. To what extent is there a place for compassion in nature; even if the universe is blind and uncaring, do I still have duties and obligations? And uncaring, do I still have duties and obligations?

Following in the foot-steps of the electronic music pioneers, such as compatriot Else Marie Pade, Blaendvaerk approaches musique concrete with a refreshing bag of new attitudes and trickery.

01. Forårssang
02. Sorte Nat
03. Forvirring, Ingen Indre Dialog
04. Studie
05. Slaven

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