MMx124 Moon Zero-XM Personality Disorders #1

The first issue of a compilation series dubbed “personality disorders” featuring various nutcase recordings from the soon to be vacated Moon Zero-XM studio. All sounds on all of the tracks were made and composed with a modular synthesizer, so it’s quite rough around the edges. Business as usual, then.

01. Croydon Juice Circuit – Swimming Pool Frog
02. Tormod Enoksen – Kano
03. Gatorshades – Wrath
04. Jerry Gestingo – Coils
05. Kyalka – There is a policeman inside my head, he must be destroyed
06. Pourteroise – Gender Specific
07. Beroun Kiefshe – Greyhound
08. Tormod Enoksen – Pedagogbunkers
09. Lorry Ghost Con – Prod
10. Fengselskatalogen – Karbonpølser
11. Croydon Juice Circuit – Pill Shivers
12. Croydon Juice Circuit – Invalid Explanation
13. Screen Phoenix – Absolution
14. PÖM – Kettlefish
15. Configurations – Leprechaun
16. Dels Quin – Mock Duck
17. Aldershot Bakery – Pivots
18. Devious Dan – Spoilers
19. Croydon Juice Circuit – Knock One Out
20. Tormod Enoksen – Si hei i skogen
21. Beroun Kiefshe – No Ego Pulpit
22. Trollope Potions – Surfenade
23. Charterhouse – Kygo for voksne

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MMx045 Sterk Te – s/t

Sterk Te’s music is best served with a freshly brewed cup of tea. Although it’s not obvious when listening to their recordings, the band is made up of three men with a strong desire to explore new and uncharted acoustic territories. The band originally started out with a desire to play punk, but gradually stripped down their sound and ambitions. Since none of the band members actually know how to play any instruments (in the conventional meaning of the term), raw noise became the natural musical direction. Their music is in a constant state of flux that makes for a chaotic, yet “interesting” experience. If you think it sounds shitty, it might be because it was partly recorded at their own studio, located in a small loft bathroom. Quoting Lars-Erik, the bands most hard-core fan (although he’s not really that hard-core); “Yeah, I have their albums.”

Sterk Te’s debut album, contains such hits as “A Wooden Madonna in an Electric Chair”, “Sangen til Erik” and “Allergisk reaksjon nr. 27″. Cover by Lars-Erik’s mother.

01. Session 5
02. A Wooden Madonna In An Electric Chair
03. Allergisk Reaksjon Nr 27
04. Uten Tittel
05. Sangen Til Erik
06. Gangsta Style Erik
07. Den Nye Sangen
08. Jeg Kan Digge Slutten
09. Antennen Er Ødelagt (Og Vi Må Snart Til Sengs)

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MMx019 DJ Myhrebonus – Live From The Kitchen

Oh, man. Grab hold of your seat. From the woods of Nøtterø, booming out of a kitchen window, it’s DJ Myhrebonus for all you suckers. Recorded with an mp3-player recorder while playing live on an antique Casio keyboard (we can’t remember its official name, but something along the lines of Breakbeat Machine 3000 Boom Xpander), DJ Myhrebonus delivers the shivers for your livers. It’s the strictly non-parental, oriental, influential, essential mix with action potential – it’s even got live commentary

01. Live From The Kitchen Essential Mix

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MMx007 Wacky Duck – s/t

Our dear beloved friend, Wacky Duck, has finally been released from prison, after having served a sentence of 13 years for domestic disturbance. While in prison, Wacky Duck formed a band consisting of three different personality types, and he himself described the project to us when we interviewed him a couple of years ago through those phones they use in prison;

“Wacky Duck is a noise/rock trio that played together once and luckily someone was there to record it! Either way, they’ve never played live, they have played together once, but they are availible for playing in funerals, weddings, and kids birthday parties.” So, now you know who to call for that next funeral party. Check out “about” for contact information. Artwork by Morten.

01. Når Bollene Tar Over Konditoriet
02. Andre Juni Var Ingen Helligdag, Men Den Var Fin Alikevel
03. The Eagle Has Landed, And Smells Like Death
04. Two Way Monolog
05. Hit #1 (Vi Lager Noise Skive)
06. We’re Rollin’
07. Drum Solo
08. Er Du Klar? Er Du Klar!?
09. Alf Prøysen, Dagen Før Dagen
10. Uten Tittel
11. MORE!
12. Dans For Voksne
13. Emo Ut Av Norge

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MMx004 Nebbb – Jarred Fink’s Ultimate Experience

With ‘Jarred Fink’s Ultimate Experience’, Nebbb enters the world of audio theater, and tries to direct the play ‘Albini & Beefheart at a stagnant seaside structure’ as seen through the eyes of theater director, the mysterious Jarred Fink. Thomas’s squeeking guitars battles over Michael’s haunting drum machine segments, while the desperate psychotic cries of Steinar tries to break through the wall of sound in the background. Sometimes mellow, sometimes chaotic, other times almost beautiful, most of the time just plain strange.

This recording was meant as demo/sketch for the band back when it was recorded in 2004, but since the process didn’t get any further, here it is, in all it’s glory. The band consisted of Andreas, Jan, Thomas, Michael & Steinar. Artwork by Morten.

01. Liten Stille Pinne
02. Get Groovey
03. Even More Groovey
04. Interlude
05. Hmmmm
06. Hva skjer, jeg dør, jeg er fjern

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MMx003 FUBAR – Psychdelic Buckdown

This shit is so dirty and noisy you’d think we recorded it with a laptop-microphone, and we sure did. Gritty punk and psychedelic jams accompanies vocalist Thomas’s exceptionally hissing voice. The record clocks in at about 27 minutes (that was how far the recording got before the drum set got fucked). We also found purple snow pleading for mercy outside the windows of the studio upon exit.

The band consisted of; Anders, Thomas, Bendik & Morten and was recorded at Helset Klubben X-mas 2005. The sound quality on this recording is horrendous, so download with caution. You’ll receive a “free record”-voucher from us if you somehow manage to prove that you’ve listened through this entire recording. Artwork by Morten.

01. Du Bare Braaker Som Faen Under Hele
02. Lokedel
03. 2 3 4
04. 2 3 4 En Gang Til
05. Lokedel Igjen
06. The Kinder Eggs In Africa
07. Enda En Lokedel
08. Tin Box Teeth Sharpener
09. Your Kite Looks Just Like Moriarty
10. Truddelutt
11. We Bring Acid, You Cool-Aid It
12. Vi Ødela Cymbalen

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