MMx110 Trixie Marmalade – Trixieland (The Musical)

A pink orb was seen spinning across the sky in Russia last week. The orb was later spotted hovering Latvia. I woke up this morning by a splash at the door. Outside, in the pink debris of what looked like a type of mushroom drone was a cassette. “To the Mars”, it said, signed with a kiss. It smelled of old cigarettes, wooden chairs, goats, benzedrine and opium. It had to be Trixie. Harvey Steel gives us the lowdown.

There’s no easy way to listen to these tracks/this musical. The heartbreaking intro is too true. The Subject matter so close to our (your?) reality. Humans really have to stop boosting their own egos and start spreading the love. While listening to the lyrics one might think they are childlike, simple, even dumb. But they are so TRUE. Even if this truth comes from a paralell universe, that universe is closing in on this universe. This very reality YOU are living in is under attack. Hatred has won that other battle, the battle situated in Trixies reality. Trixie has never been able to quite land on this world like the rest of us space/time survivors. She landed in a different reality when still being in this reality. While the rest of us got our human bodies Trixie got stuck in a cardboard figure. Also mentally she was living in two realities. I didn’t quite understand that before she started working on this musical, and needed my help. She could sing three part harmonies on her own (!!!) and hum rythms and countermelodies and whatnot, but she could not play any instruments, being cardboard and all. I had to get inside her mind for this project, and that was when i figured she was living a double life. Fighting hatred in a different world, a world where hatred had a tiny advantage. Hatred is getting stronger in this world as well, but hopefully Trixie and her words of wisdom will help a few humans understand that fear and hatred is not the way to go and turn around and start loving. That’s all we really want with this music thing we are doing. Spread the love, heal the world! Unite with love and start healing the world. Trixie would love that.

By the time of this release Trixie has been missing for 16 months. People have reported sightings of Trixie all over the world and we still have a hope that she’s out there spreading love.

Just because you want to
Don’t mean that you have to
Please please humans don’t you
Go to war and kill all hope

Love can heal us.


Trixie Marmalade as Herself
Harvey Steel as Himself
Big Chief as Hatred
Gunerius Quack as God

01 – Trixie’s speech to humanity
02 – World War 3
03 – His Name is Hatred
04 – Be alive (I want to be alive)
05 – Garden of Eden
06 – Choose love
07 – Ego in bed*
08 – Hello I love you
09 – Jesus was walking on water*
10 – Only love can save us now
11 – Outer Space (part 2)*
12 – Surfs Down
13 – Trixie’s phonecall
14 – Trixieland

Written by Trixie Maramalade
* written by Harvey Steel
Produced by Harvey Steel
Recorded by Big Chief at Ganjibiri Studios
Mixed and mastered by Gunerius Quack

Real and /ɪˈmadʒɪn(ə)ri/ instruments played by Harvey Steel
Keys on Garden of Eden & Outer Space by Blue Cosmic Storm

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MMx083 Trixie Marmalade – s/t

Trixie Marmalade lives in a caravan following the Harvey Steel travelling medicine show, where she practices as a fortune teller, a burlesque dancer, fish whisperer and a spiritual medium, as well as a backing singer for the Harvey Steel’s tribute band. She’s the poker queen of the carnies, and has a daily benzedrine intake that would make Jack Kerouac proud. Nobody’s wife (never gonna, ever wanna be, etc) and certainly no man’s property, she’s the self made noveau gypsie mystic.

These two tracks were recorded in her caravan and stands as a testament to the life of one of God’s own prototypes. I wish I could promise you more of her material, but this lady is hard to pin down. Artwork by Morten.

01. All The Fish In My Life (Somewhere)
02. Miss Andrew Smith (feat. Harvey Steel)

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MMx061 Harvey Steel & The Harvey Steel Tribute Band – Full Double Rainbow! Live?

Just in from 1969 – another year with nothin’ to do, I say oh my, and a’ boo-hoo.

This release was recorded live at the (in)famous Einstein Mansion and is Harvey Steel’s first release with the Harvey Steel Tribute band, and what a band it is! Sneaky Snare Bear, Boatstwain Sea Bass & Blue Cosmic Storm are groovin’ like a 70’s «jazz-fusion» band, in a GOOD way (yes it’s possible!). Artwork by Mari.

Put this on and start jumping up and down.

“Harvey Steel is «psych-blues-funk-rock» at its best!”
– Albert Einstein

“Harvey Steel showed me how to play the magic sitar.”
– Ravi Shankar

– Keith Richards

01. Full Double Rainbow
02. Ego In Bed
03. Funky Junkie
04. More Or Less
05. Outer Space
06. Lost In The Mickey Maze
07. Jesus Was Walking On Water
08. More Acid
09. 1969

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MMx053 Space Girls – The Slow And Painful Death of David Gilmour

This just in from Michael;

Last decade, the now defunct Norwegian band Space Girls produced fake music. It was also a fake act and more importantly they were a bunch of demented losers with a serious case of cosmic dementia. As one reviewer, “Abogix”, wrote of this release;

“Shame on you for this picture of David Gilmour on your Cover!!! REMOVE IT!!! Your music sounds death…but David Gilmour is still alive!!! The Abogix (J.K.)”

Space Girls couldn’t agree more, indeed it is an excellent description of all their “music”. This IS Death. Or the closest you’ll ever get without some intravenous 5-MeO-DMT hitting your pineal clit on top of good ol’ Mt. Kailash. Listen, dissappate and feel everything you loved and knew dissolve in to the worldless mouth of the Godhead, then feel the true horror of existence take hold. This release also has a hidden bonus track, “Cosmic menstruation” – After the last track is finished, listen very carefully (Only availible to listeners in Japan).

Enjoy folks!

01. The Slow And Painful Death of David Gilmour

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MMx013 Electric Teepee – Junkie?

The cowboys have left territory. Remaining are the survivors; the shamans. The desert sun is burning and the sand storm blowing relentlessly. The vision quest is about to begin when a travelling set of hippies come rolling by. Together, they share what’s left of smoke, while the Big Chief of the indians, ponders the sign on one of the hippies’ shirt. “Junkie?”, he grunts. Taking it as a command, the hippies begin to play. The indians join them. And the rain is summoned. And peace is restored.

‘Junky?’ is a collection of demo recordings made by the band sometime in 2009. The band, consisting of Kristine Marie, Thomas and Stefan, promises to give you “the chills in both a good and bad way”. That sounds pretty good. And these tracks sure do too. Cover drawing by Kristine Marie, photoshopping by Morten.

01. Hunting Sound
02. Blues Bob
03. Sovna Gitt
04. Bagful

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MMx011 Gunerius Quack – Too Cool For Art School

The ‘Gunerius Quack’-moniker has been used mostly in collaboration with what remained of Ganjibiri, called ‘Dom Andra’, but this time, Gunerius goes solo. ‘Too Cool For Art School’ is not a typical Gunerius Quack release.

When asked in an interview with Norwegian newspaper ‘Morgenbladet’ what kind of music he played, Gunerius absently replied; “It’s a kind of hard psychedelic free guitar/trumpet recording. Inspired by the Tetuzi Akiyama record, ‘Don’t forget to boogie!’, and picking up a trumpet for the first time. Sooner or later it will all fall down, and the acoustic experimenting of Gunerius Quack will come.” Artwork by Morten.

01. Golfing In Buckingham Palace
02. Walz For Louise
03. Too Cool For School
04. Apples
05. Trip To Milano

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MMx005 Ganjibiri – You!

Ganjibiri started at the end of the 90’s/start of the 00’s as a prog-rock band but quickly lost all structure and became an improvising monster! Drony, psychedelic, free, prog, improv, noise, rock are all words fitting Ganjibiri. Some day you might see them killing your organ with an axe, or gazing at their shoes playing the same riff for three hours on end.

This massive jam fest, entitled ‘You!’, clocks in at 82 minutes, a proper evening feast for a prog-head. It was recorded live somewhere in 2005. Artwork by Morten & Anders.

01. Rød Tom/E
02. A Jam
03. Løpende Lovløs
04. Progglåta
05. Ajaoee

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MMx003 FUBAR – Psychdelic Buckdown

This shit is so dirty and noisy you’d think we recorded it with a laptop-microphone, and we sure did. Gritty punk and psychedelic jams accompanies vocalist Thomas’s exceptionally hissing voice. The record clocks in at about 27 minutes (that was how far the recording got before the drum set got fucked). We also found purple snow pleading for mercy outside the windows of the studio upon exit.

The band consisted of; Anders, Thomas, Bendik & Morten and was recorded at Helset Klubben X-mas 2005. The sound quality on this recording is horrendous, so download with caution. You’ll receive a “free record”-voucher from us if you somehow manage to prove that you’ve listened through this entire recording. Artwork by Morten.

01. Du Bare Braaker Som Faen Under Hele
02. Lokedel
03. 2 3 4
04. 2 3 4 En Gang Til
05. Lokedel Igjen
06. The Kinder Eggs In Africa
07. Enda En Lokedel
08. Tin Box Teeth Sharpener
09. Your Kite Looks Just Like Moriarty
10. Truddelutt
11. We Bring Acid, You Cool-Aid It
12. Vi Ødela Cymbalen

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