MMx141 Wild Man Riddim – Blues For Rudy

Single from Wild Man Riddim droppin’! This in from Martin:

The band played Coltranes «Equinox» on a few occations and enjoyed the minor-blues feel. However, when writing an original, Brage wanted to add a bridge. -Twelve bars goes by fast in an up-tempo song..


Brage Rognlien – trombone
Martin Brostigen – guitar
Morten Midre – bass
Martin Caspersen – organ
Jørgen Gaardvik – drums
Michael Strutt – sax

1. Blues For Rudy

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MMx098 Wild Man Riddim – s/t

Wild Man Riddim is one of the finest reggae/ska-influenced bands in Norway today, and it’s an absolute pleasure to release some of their music on MarsMelons. Here’s the lowdown from Martin;

Brage Rognlien needed a band to perform rythmic music for club nights at The Villa. Brage and Martin called old friends and suddenly a band with Oslo´s finest ska/reggae musicians was founded. The band performed several night at The Villa focusing on compositions by Brage, old jazz standards with a jamaican twist with lots of space for improvisation. People might say it´s a fine mix between ska/reggae/jazz/worldmusic influences.

The band later performed as backing band for Essa Cham, Kasimba, Nico D, Admiral P, Jah Ark Manifest and several other vocalists at Horten Reggae Festival in the summer of 2013.

In december 2013 the band went to Silvertone studios to record their first selftitled LP. The setting was minimalistic and straightforward: recorded live in the same room over to hectic days, with nearly no overdubs and editing to preserve the live feel the best way possible. The result was 11 tracks, mostly originals written by Brage and Caspersen. Two well known jazz standards (with a WMR twist) also made it on the record. Essa Cham and Bunzy D contributed on vocals and gave the record the final touch it needed.

Recorded by Rune Jørgensen at Silvertone. Mixed by Kristoffer Follestad at Cantus studio. Mastered by Nils H Mæhlum. All songs written by Brage Rognlien and Martin Caspersen except Cantaloupe (H.Hancock) and Night in Tunisia (Dizzy Gillespie).

01. Breskus Rex
02. Cantaloupe Island
03. Sofienbergparken
04. A Night In Tunisia
05. Big Difference
06. Halloween Ska
07. Elevate Yourself
08. The Fall And The Rise of The Mighty
09. Iron Fist

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MMx089 Lamek – Ro Ro Ro

Back in 2005, Bob Marley’s old band, The Wailers, played a sold-out gig at Rockefeller in Oslo. After the show, a bunch of young Norwegian reggae enthusiasts/musicians managed to hook up with some of the guys from The Wailers to record music. ‘Ro Ro Ro’ is essentially the culmination of those recordings! In addition to the fine gentlemen from The Wailers, the record include a host of talented musicians. Trond-Viggo Torgersen, for instance, should be familiar with anyone who grew up in Norway in the 80’s.

Involved in the making of this recording were the likes of – Earnest ‘Drummie Zeb’ Williams, Aston ‘Family Man’ Barrett, Christian Cowlin, Ole ‘Lamek’ Schweder, Jonas Jonah Whalesbelly Straumheim, Audun Vincent Velur Kjeldahl Berntsen, Dag Pierre, Lenval Shayar Jarrett, Tobias Eide Larsen, Martin ‘Stegan’ Brostigen, Henrik ‘Pop-I’ Seip, Morten Müller, Dennis Yanez, Brage Rognlien, Magnus Furu, Pål ‘Trylle-Pål’ Høyer-Andreassen, Cedric Roger ‘C-Roy’ Stevens, Jørgen ‘Jøggamøffin’ Høst, Suzanne Sisi Sumbundu, Nosizwe Baqwa, Mina Lystad, Michael ‘Kaliber’ Falck Serpa, Mikael ‘Dizzet’ Diseth, Kohinoor Nordberg, Krister G. Roang and Per Olav Hoff Mydske.

We’re proud to finally present these recordings to the public, a true gem in the reggae history of Norway, I dare say.

01. Ro Ro Ro
02. Lås og Slå feat. Dizzet & Kaliber
03. Ragnarok
04. Slipp Ditt Prinsipp feat. Skranglebein & Kristah Rhymes
05. Dyrenes Holocaust
06. Slapp Reggae feat. Trond-Viggo Torgersen
07. Judas Og Jesus
08. Hvorfor

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MMx060 Knoklene – Rekk Dem Ut!

This just in from one of the best and most original sounding reggae bands we have in Norway;

Tiden er inne for å rekke ut og strekke ut hjelpende hender. Så sier Knoklene, ved deres anonyme medlems-talsmann O-Bein. R.I.P. Bjarne. Gjør bra ting! Roser er røde for alltid. Alt godt til alle mennesker og dyr, planter og ting, elementer og energi. Karma.

Loosely translated – it’s time for stretching out a helping hand. R.I.P. Bjarne. Do good things! Roses are red forever. All the best for human beings and animals, plants and things, elements and energy, karma. Et cetera.

Chunky and deliciously sweet reggae with healing properties for the masses. Play this on your nearest mobile public announcement system and see your karm-o-metre reach beyond the stars. Artwork by Christina Magnussen.

01. Rekk Dem Ut!
02. Bjarne
03. Karma
04. Roser

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