MMx141 Wild Man Riddim – Blues For Rudy

Single from Wild Man Riddim droppin’! This in from Martin:

The band played Coltranes «Equinox» on a few occations and enjoyed the minor-blues feel. However, when writing an original, Brage wanted to add a bridge. -Twelve bars goes by fast in an up-tempo song..


Brage Rognlien – trombone
Martin Brostigen – guitar
Morten Midre – bass
Martin Caspersen – organ
Jørgen Gaardvik – drums
Michael Strutt – sax

1. Blues For Rudy

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MMx110 Trixie Marmalade – Trixieland (The Musical)

A pink orb was seen spinning across the sky in Russia last week. The orb was later spotted hovering Latvia. I woke up this morning by a splash at the door. Outside, in the pink debris of what looked like a type of mushroom drone was a cassette. “To the Mars”, it said, signed with a kiss. It smelled of old cigarettes, wooden chairs, goats, benzedrine and opium. It had to be Trixie. Harvey Steel gives us the lowdown.

There’s no easy way to listen to these tracks/this musical. The heartbreaking intro is too true. The Subject matter so close to our (your?) reality. Humans really have to stop boosting their own egos and start spreading the love. While listening to the lyrics one might think they are childlike, simple, even dumb. But they are so TRUE. Even if this truth comes from a paralell universe, that universe is closing in on this universe. This very reality YOU are living in is under attack. Hatred has won that other battle, the battle situated in Trixies reality. Trixie has never been able to quite land on this world like the rest of us space/time survivors. She landed in a different reality when still being in this reality. While the rest of us got our human bodies Trixie got stuck in a cardboard figure. Also mentally she was living in two realities. I didn’t quite understand that before she started working on this musical, and needed my help. She could sing three part harmonies on her own (!!!) and hum rythms and countermelodies and whatnot, but she could not play any instruments, being cardboard and all. I had to get inside her mind for this project, and that was when i figured she was living a double life. Fighting hatred in a different world, a world where hatred had a tiny advantage. Hatred is getting stronger in this world as well, but hopefully Trixie and her words of wisdom will help a few humans understand that fear and hatred is not the way to go and turn around and start loving. That’s all we really want with this music thing we are doing. Spread the love, heal the world! Unite with love and start healing the world. Trixie would love that.

By the time of this release Trixie has been missing for 16 months. People have reported sightings of Trixie all over the world and we still have a hope that she’s out there spreading love.

Just because you want to
Don’t mean that you have to
Please please humans don’t you
Go to war and kill all hope

Love can heal us.


Trixie Marmalade as Herself
Harvey Steel as Himself
Big Chief as Hatred
Gunerius Quack as God

01 – Trixie’s speech to humanity
02 – World War 3
03 – His Name is Hatred
04 – Be alive (I want to be alive)
05 – Garden of Eden
06 – Choose love
07 – Ego in bed*
08 – Hello I love you
09 – Jesus was walking on water*
10 – Only love can save us now
11 – Outer Space (part 2)*
12 – Surfs Down
13 – Trixie’s phonecall
14 – Trixieland

Written by Trixie Maramalade
* written by Harvey Steel
Produced by Harvey Steel
Recorded by Big Chief at Ganjibiri Studios
Mixed and mastered by Gunerius Quack

Real and /ɪˈmadʒɪn(ə)ri/ instruments played by Harvey Steel
Keys on Garden of Eden & Outer Space by Blue Cosmic Storm

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MMx100 West Bank Robbers – Pusten Jager

This in from Martin – two new tracks by West Bank Robbers.

These two tracks were recorded live and raw in Cantus studio a couple of years ago. The idea was to just plug into the amps and record without too much analyzing and hesitation. Kind of like the good old days.

‘Pusten jager’ is a track about reconciliation, defiance or annihilation of the young boy I once was. Growing up in a protected middle-class suburbia exposed to one certain truth in one certain way. I was never really challenged about all this until my youth years where punk rock and skateboarding became an eyeopener for alternative culture, literature and philosophy like many other kids in my neighborhood. Then I was kind of settled in that new bubble without further progression for many years. Relying on that before acknowledging that I had become just as settled like the childhood boy. But do I really want to go back on those values or erase both stages to find something completely new? Is there a tendency as you grow older to come back to what you learned and experienced back then? Combining different stages or just to erase them all? I don´t know.

‘Takk og farvel’ is a song about experiences of a young social worker and all the fragile souls among youth on the streets you meet. You try your best, but then you have to realize that your best intentions and work to make their lives better isn´t enough. Most of them are great people with valuable skills for our society, but they are betrayed by their families and loved ones, a rigid school system and frames set too narrow for them. They just aren´t made to adjust. At some point you have to accept it and let them walk into the darkness alone. Some social workers might tend to make so called clients to their own project instead of encouraging youth to find their own motivation and purpose to make a change for the better. Years later you meet them wandering around in obscure parts of the city. Maybe they´ll give you a hug and remember you? Probably they won´t notice you, but you remember them and the times you thought they were able to pull through. Well, many of them are still around and hopefully they´ll find their way out of everything and moving on to a better life. Time will tell.

1. Pusten Jager
2. Takk og Farvel

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MMx096 Lord Panzer – No Justice Just Us

Here’s some good old sing along punk for those summer night glubs.

Lord Panzer arose from the ashes of the band Saddams Sønner. After a breef interlude with the Bistronauts, Lord Panzer teamed up with Møkkamennene i 2009, forming the band Lord Panzer & Møkkamennene. And has since been playing hard hitting punk music, inspired by the great punk bands of the late 70s and early 80s.

Lord Panzer & Møkkamennene consists of Pål (Drums), Øyvind (Guitars), Helene (Guitars/Backing Vocals), Lasso (Bass) and HC (Founding member/Bass). Lord Panzer is St. Haabeth (Lead Vocals/Composer).

01. Just Us
02. Friggin In The Riggin
03. Who Do You Think You Are?! Kant!
04. Stand and Deliver
05. Suicide Bomber
06. Ave Imperator
07. Pervers Politiker

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MMx087 West Bank Robbers – Alt

West Bank Robbers have gone and recorded 6 new mighty tracks, which we’re delighted to release on MarsMelons.

West Bank Robbers second release contains songs which explores narrative stories further than their first release. Stories about social alienation, and a feeling of all the insecurity connected to being and adult and always being expected to do “the right thing”. Not exactly revolutionary themes, but never based on fictional ideas and structure. Hence the narrative aspect about simple things delivered with sincerity and vicinity. This EP contains straight ahead punk-rock songs with reggae/dub/ska influences. That´s about it.

40 is the new 20 – I feel you, man. These tracks reminds me of why I got interested in music in the first place, why music can transcend time, space and dreary daily lives.

01. Alt
02. Nådestøtet Gis
03. Et Sted I Oslo By
04. Lokfører
05. Sangene Du Sang
06. Du Forstod

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MMx086 Harvey Steel & The Harvey Steel Tribute Band – Living On Borrowed Cheeze

Straight from Jupiter! Here are some tunes from the recording sessions of the Harvey Steel Show’s upcoming album.

These little ditties sure are pretty, shitty and haunting! These are collages, experiments, jams and songs collected as one on this EP «You’re living on borrowed cheeze». Originally intended to be released on floatin marzipan, the guys suddenly realized that no earthling could enjoy the music on this medium and alas, we here at MarsMelons inc. are releasing it digitally. Be on the lookout for new material from these guys and a killer album straight to vinyl due in September!

Written, recorded, mixed & produced by Harvey Steel. Performed by Harvey Steel & The Harvey Steel Tribute Band. ‘More Or Less’ and ‘God Came In Through My Window’ mixed and co-produced with Andreas Lande. Thanks to Yellow Spectral Star for eternal love and happiness.

01. Jupiter Ascending
02. You’re Living On Borrowed Cheezee
03. God Came In Through My Window
04. Rag For Howe
05. Live Long And Prosper
06. Jesus Christ Lead Guitar
07. More Or Less
08. Greetings From Jupiter

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MMx071 Hamstern Inc. – Introvert

Hamstern & The You Know Who’s returns, but this time they’re re-surfacing as Hamstern Inc. (Pepsi didn’t allow them to use the Pepsi-name anymore). Sounding slightly more poppy this time around, their most extroverted track to date, in my opinion – a track which, ironically, is called ‘Introvert’. It’s still the same rock solid punk-rock performance however, an refreshingly energetic and upbeat song, I can’t complain about much – except for the fact that it’s just ONE song. Quit your jobs and record some more tracks, goddamnit. I can’t for the life of me understand why Fysisk Format turned these guys down, they must be deaf.

01. Introvert

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MMx070 Cock Invaders – s/t

Cock Invaders was an absolutely brilliant Norwegian punk-rock band that existed years ago – liberatingly politically incorrect, their biography over at Urørt read;


We’re lucky enough to know these guys, and although most of them now won’t let their faces be affiliated with this piece of Norwegian punk-rock history, we’ve been allowed to release eight of their tracks. What a privilege. Enjoy!

01. Do You Wanna Get Laid?
02. Cock Invader
03. This Is My Sexual Investment
04. Ukjent Tittel
05. Don’t Eat At McDonald’s
06. Every Fucking Way
07. Ill Order
08. Everybody Loves My Ex

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MMx065 West Bank Robbers – Egne Hjem

“Jeg begynte nesten å grine da jeg hørte den sangen – så jævlig bra!” – Thomas Bergsten, explaining how he felt when he first heard ‘Mosaikk’, track 5 from West Bank Robbers’ new EP, ‘Egne Hjem’. I’m a total sucker for this record too. It moves the fist clenching and sing along-muscles of my stomach, and sparks something in my brain too.

These guys have been playing in all kinds of bands over the years (No Torso, Fence, Olafly, The Phantoms etc), and what they have here, it seems, are their experiences, knowledge and passion distilled into one dynamite of a record. “It’s taking the music back to its origin”, says guitarist and singer Martin Brostigen, “a group of friends hanging out, making songs based on real life narratives, clinically free of fictional clichés. Rett frem – rett hjem – egne hjem.” A testament to the fact that there are punk bands out there still capable of staying out of the “stale cartoons”-bin.

‘Egne Hjem’ was recorded in Calmeyer Studio, and produced by West Bank Robbers. Artwork by Åse & Morten.

01. Egne Hjem
02. Vinter Oslo
03. En By
04. Magnolia
05. Mosaikk

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MMx061 Harvey Steel & The Harvey Steel Tribute Band – Full Double Rainbow! Live?

Just in from 1969 – another year with nothin’ to do, I say oh my, and a’ boo-hoo.

This release was recorded live at the (in)famous Einstein Mansion and is Harvey Steel’s first release with the Harvey Steel Tribute band, and what a band it is! Sneaky Snare Bear, Boatstwain Sea Bass & Blue Cosmic Storm are groovin’ like a 70’s «jazz-fusion» band, in a GOOD way (yes it’s possible!). Artwork by Mari.

Put this on and start jumping up and down.

“Harvey Steel is «psych-blues-funk-rock» at its best!”
– Albert Einstein

“Harvey Steel showed me how to play the magic sitar.”
– Ravi Shankar

– Keith Richards

01. Full Double Rainbow
02. Ego In Bed
03. Funky Junkie
04. More Or Less
05. Outer Space
06. Lost In The Mickey Maze
07. Jesus Was Walking On Water
08. More Acid
09. 1969

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MMx035 Harvey Steel – Sketches EP

Harvey Steel was left on the doorstep of an Amish family in October 1977. He was raised as a real family member, and they didn’t tell him about were he came from until he was fifteen. He then left his Amish family following a calling. A few years later, he met a musician in Mississippi claiming to be Jim Ford. Jim thaught him how to play the guitar. After finding out that the man claiming to be Jim Ford was just a cocaine addicted ex-hippie (he had planted a kilo heroin in his guitar on the way home from a gig in Mexico), Harvey Steel quit music and moved to Norway in 1997 and has lived in a small cabin in the woods just outside of the ski jump hill in Vikersund. He hadn’t even touched a guitar until one day he came home from a walk in the woods and someone had set up a small studio with a small amp and a few guitars with a note;

– I’m sorry, Harvey, hope this makes up for something.

– Buck
PS! It took me ten years to find you.

Harvey Steel then recorded ‘Turn On Your Lovelight’ right away (after figuring out how to use the equipment) and used the two more days to write and record the rest of the album. Harvey Steel has now put together a band and we are waiting for the comeback concert! All songs by Harvey Steel except ‘Turn On Your Lovelight’ written by Joseph Wade Scott and Deadric Malone aka Don Robey, ‘I Told You A Lie’ written by Harvey Steel and Jan Fredrik Bjerk. Artwork by Åse & Morten.

1. Turn On Your Lovelight
2. Standing On The Corner
3. Dead Ahead
4. Outer Space (Part 1)
5. 1969
6. Outer Space (Part 2)
7. I Told You A Lie

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MMx030 Hamstern & The Pepsikids – s/t

Just when you thought punk rock had finally signed off as an exciting genre, these boys enter the frame and makes it all worth while again. Wheels aren’t being reinvented on this four piece EP, but it’s a dead honest approach to the music which quite obviously is flowing through these guys’s veins. The band have no apparent connection to any scene, hence, there’s no expectations of a sound to live up to for them, no asses to kiss for acceptance – which in all its simplicity makes this record so god damn good. It gives them the freedom to create exactly what it is that they want.

Their sound is obviously influenced a great deal by Hot Water Music, which is fabulous, in my opinion, but there’s so much originality in this sound (not to mention the songs are written in their mother tongue; Norwegian) that comparing them simply to HWM wouldn’t do them proper justice. Lyrically heartfelt, melodically feel good and wonderfully honest in its approach. Thanks guys, for making me feel this way about punk rock again – it’s been quite some time! Hamstern & The Pepsikids are Hamstern, Paulsen, R.F. & Mark. Artwork by Morten.

01. Jeg Reiser Meg
02. En Kirkegård Av Drømmer
03. Landgang
04. Speilvendt

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MMx021 Mørkemannmennene – s/t

During the dark middle ages, a band of black caped monks emerged from the monolithic mountains of Sveknuten in Western Norway, and settled in a small mountain village. The leader of the band claimed to be speaking in tongues, and attracted a great number of listeners at the local tavern – he claimed they all came from a village called ‘Frafjord’, and had been sent by dark forces buried deep inside the old mountains to warn all local heirs of a coming disaster. The locals grew scared of the mysterious monks and their prophecies, and started to ridicule their warnings and to harass them, culminating in the monks’ arrest. One morning not long after the monks’ imprisonment, the entire town population was found literally shredded to pieces and flung over every single housing in town. The black monks had escaped from the prison, but their prison cells had remained locked, and there were no signs of a breakout. The only thing they had left was a piece of stone, containing a mysterious engraving.

Well over 800 years later, the band ‘Mørkemannmennene’ recorded two pieces of music said to be the translation of the stone carvings. Not much is known about the band – some have claimed they are direct heirs of the black monks, and others that they are their spirits reborn. We don’t know. But we have their music – and it’s here for you, for free to download, in all its shredded glory. Artwork by Morten.

01. Levende Døde
02. Udødelige

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MMx010 Klørrr – Disco Bunny Lady

It’s Klørrr party animal for all you disco bunny ladies out there. Too often during the first part of this century you heard about bands being labeled “garage rock”, when it really sounded like some shit crafted for a housewife soap-commercial. This is Klørrr however, the drop your pants, shit in your hands real deal. Besides, how can you possibly go wrong with song-titles like “I’m Dead, Give Me Head” or “Everyday Feels Like Sunday”? I tell you, you can’t.

Recorded in an actual garage in 2006, Thomas on bass, Lasso on drums. Hardcore’s not for sale, so we give it to you. Artwork by Morten.

01. Disco Bunny Lady
02. Hava Negilah/Die Motherfucker Die
03. Instrumental
04. Negative Creep
05. Klørrr, Party, Animal
06. I’m Dead Give Me Head
07. Big & Small
08. Interlude
09. Everyday Feels Like Sunday
10. Hava Negilah (Reprise)

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MMx007 Wacky Duck – s/t

Our dear beloved friend, Wacky Duck, has finally been released from prison, after having served a sentence of 13 years for domestic disturbance. While in prison, Wacky Duck formed a band consisting of three different personality types, and he himself described the project to us when we interviewed him a couple of years ago through those phones they use in prison;

“Wacky Duck is a noise/rock trio that played together once and luckily someone was there to record it! Either way, they’ve never played live, they have played together once, but they are availible for playing in funerals, weddings, and kids birthday parties.” So, now you know who to call for that next funeral party. Check out “about” for contact information. Artwork by Morten.

01. Når Bollene Tar Over Konditoriet
02. Andre Juni Var Ingen Helligdag, Men Den Var Fin Alikevel
03. The Eagle Has Landed, And Smells Like Death
04. Two Way Monolog
05. Hit #1 (Vi Lager Noise Skive)
06. We’re Rollin’
07. Drum Solo
08. Er Du Klar? Er Du Klar!?
09. Alf Prøysen, Dagen Før Dagen
10. Uten Tittel
11. MORE!
12. Dans For Voksne
13. Emo Ut Av Norge

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MMx006 Evasion – Hockey Temper

‘Hockey Temper’ consists of three songs recorded with a video camera (hence the rather squeeky quality) in Martin’s basement one evening during fall 2005. The band initially started out a few months prior to the recording, with the intention of having fun making some classic late 80’s hardcore in the vein of Youth of Today, Bold, Jerry’s Kids, Bad Brains etc.

The band’s longest ever show was played at Black Eyed Bean in Oslo, when they played for at least 15 minutes (which included a Dag Nasty-cover and a replay of a song). That’s just why this record clocks in at only 6:55. Artwork by Morten.

01. Evasion
02. About To Explode
03. Stay Dedicated

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MMx005 Ganjibiri – You!

Ganjibiri started at the end of the 90’s/start of the 00’s as a prog-rock band but quickly lost all structure and became an improvising monster! Drony, psychedelic, free, prog, improv, noise, rock are all words fitting Ganjibiri. Some day you might see them killing your organ with an axe, or gazing at their shoes playing the same riff for three hours on end.

This massive jam fest, entitled ‘You!’, clocks in at 82 minutes, a proper evening feast for a prog-head. It was recorded live somewhere in 2005. Artwork by Morten & Anders.

01. Rød Tom/E
02. A Jam
03. Løpende Lovløs
04. Progglåta
05. Ajaoee

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MMx004 Nebbb – Jarred Fink’s Ultimate Experience

With ‘Jarred Fink’s Ultimate Experience’, Nebbb enters the world of audio theater, and tries to direct the play ‘Albini & Beefheart at a stagnant seaside structure’ as seen through the eyes of theater director, the mysterious Jarred Fink. Thomas’s squeeking guitars battles over Michael’s haunting drum machine segments, while the desperate psychotic cries of Steinar tries to break through the wall of sound in the background. Sometimes mellow, sometimes chaotic, other times almost beautiful, most of the time just plain strange.

This recording was meant as demo/sketch for the band back when it was recorded in 2004, but since the process didn’t get any further, here it is, in all it’s glory. The band consisted of Andreas, Jan, Thomas, Michael & Steinar. Artwork by Morten.

01. Liten Stille Pinne
02. Get Groovey
03. Even More Groovey
04. Interlude
05. Hmmmm
06. Hva skjer, jeg dør, jeg er fjern

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MMx002 Beleband – s/t

Apparently, the story behind this release is as follows; – It started one day when Thomas, Andreas and Bele were playing outside in the sun, just having fun and Thomas screamed with every power he had “Ta av deg på overkroppen” (loosely translated; take off your top) to a girl walking by. “Wow!”, the others thought, you should start a band. So they did. And this self-titled album is the culmination of the project.

Needless to say we love it. And you should do too. Artwork by Morten.

01. Sansesangen
02. Rosinen I Pølsa
03. Noen Ganger
04. Dragen og den Lille Jenta
05. Svadesangen
06. Min Egen Begravelse
07. Klausrofobi
08. Indre Materier i Hjernen
09. Verdens Lystigste Sang
10. Mislykka Blues
11. Beleband
12. Ta Av Deg På Overkroppen

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