MMx046 Thomas Bergsten – Frank Walker (Episode #1)

Our first hörspiel/radio drama on MarsMelons! This piece is the first episode of a series of radio dramas by Thomas Bergsten, about Frank Walker, a man who forgot who he was and went out searching. Thomas: ” I knew little or nothing about the art of radio drama when I started this project, but I think of it as the first radio drama ever produced, but in 2011″. He adds; “I was told that the theme of this series actually is identical to the first radio drama ever, but don’t quote me on that”. “Every episode will start as an installation of some kind, and then I write the words from that, and finally I write the music”.

This first episode is an exploration of the format and will gradually disintegrate and end up with something completely different. Artwork by Morten.

01. Frank Walker Episode # 1

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MMx043 Happy League Cactus – Debacle Park

Happy League Cactus returns with a soundtrack for his upcoming sci-fi movie titled ‘Debacle Park’. The tracks describes the exploration of the movie’s protagonist ‘Kilgallon’ as he tries to find his sister after a devastating war. It’s a violent hero’s journey, littered with joyous psychedelic abandon, the occasional “aha”-experience – and a questionable spiritual redemption luring in the other end. Here are some excerpts from the movie script for added contextual reference;

On their feet, worn almost as shoes; decapitated heads of various former members of the police force made squishing, choking sounds as they were stumped down into the wooden floor, painting the floor with a red and purple pattern. One of the dancers had her toe sticking out of one of the head’s nose, smearing its mustache with blood.

The ground beneath us turned into a pink swamp-like mush, and from all the corners of the room, wires exploded through the walls and joined at an intersection just above the pool table in the centre of the room.

Then some guy winks and pulls out a cigarette and lights it. Out of the cigarette an imp appears, saying; The disc has got ya!

‘Debacle Park’ is really just a collection of short and rather monotonous tracks made by Happy League Cactus. Artwork (and music) by Morten.

01. Light Spectacle (Intro)
02. Gattle
03. Limestone
04. Duly Yours
05. Eating Charlie
06. Rat Pack Bobsleigh
07. Ghost Police Waltz
08. Iron Snakes In Stone Rivers
09. Fear & Laziness
10. Target Fascination
11. Rituals
12. Fiscal Mugs
13. Tivoli Pints
14. Carpets
15. Go South
16. Ladder Gnomes
17. Spaghetti Octopus
18. Thirst
19. The Cold Sweeping Kilos

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MMx037 Thomas Bergsten – Music For Films

When I in a few minutes will press ‘submit’ to free Thomas Bergsten’s latest contribution to the human race, I will take great pride in knowing that the level of weirdness in the world just increased by 36. On this phenomenal record, we have nothing less than 12 exceptionally outlandish, beautiful pieces of music made for a film that is just around the corner. The fabulous thing about this movie is the fact that the movie itself was shot with the intention of describing the sound, yet not making it a mere music video, but a full fledged Jim Jarmusch-like flick with lots of awkward people doing whatever it is awkward people do. You’ll see, you’ll see.

‘New Orleans Vampire’ opens the show with a strange african/mexican-sounding blues track that suddenley drops into a stripped down 80’ies hip-hop beat, before the title song, ‘Jesus Was Walking On The Water’ rips your head open with some Nick Cave-like aesthetics, and then Oscar (from the movie), or what have you, takes it too far (honey), and has to cool down on the beach. Et cetera! It just goes on! I’m finding it very difficult to choose one track for preview on this, because they are all so different. A personal favorite it is though, ‘Subway (Club Scene)’, which is absolutely sublime! Artwork by Thomas.

01. New Orleans Vampire (Vampire Band Scene)
02. Jesus Was Walking On The Water (Title Song)
03. Honey I Went Too Far (Beach Scene)
04. Disney (Turn The Page)
05. Don’t Drink And Drive (End Credits)
06. Fuglane (Last Scene)
07. Indianarane Kjem! (Theme Song)
08. Subway (Club Scene)
09. Subway (Praying Scene)
10. The World Is Burning (Birth Scene)
11. The Dada Priest (Preaching Scene, Amazing Grace)
12. Aix Sponsa

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