MMx107 Miinarets – Byzantine

‘Byzantine’ tells the story of Goiney, a young man recently knighted by the queen of his country for his brave service during the recent war. A few weeks after the knighting, while searching for a friend lost during the war, Goiney accidentally happens upon a place where his troop was ambushed (and suffered a great loss) during the later stages of the war. A psychosis like state washes over Goiney, who sees himself floating out of his own body into a vast darkness. A long travel begins. Punctured by creatures of the night, Goiney becomes what feels like a million seeds of grass spilling into the soil, growing a network of rhizomes below ground, reaching the surface eventually, and a moment of complete silence on a big open field as his consciousness slowly spins in a 360 degree motion, then quicker, and the silence is being replaced by high pitched sounds, spinning quicker, the sound increases, and in front of him, The Basi, and his jaw clamped to the ground, unable to move, a long deep burning motion, unthinkable pain, exploding to splinters like little red glass triangles captured in a jar tingling, and the fire and the high pitched sound is gone, and there’s quiet again, all gray, a burnt smell, smoke evaporating, a man moving through some bushes.

1. Void A
2. Soil
3. Channeling
4. The Basi (Dragon)

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MMx091 Ruth Hansen – Horvat Knows What Up

I first met Ruth a few years back while I worked at an old folk’s home. I wasn’t quite sure if she worked there or whether she lived there. She had a fascination for octopi and would often tell the weirdest stories about the time she worked a boat in the south Pacific catching these creatures for a Japanese research facility. She had on several occasions seen octopi emit a strange green light once they’d been slammed on deck. The green light was always followed by an extremely high pitched screeching noise. The local lore along the pacific isles said this phenomenon was caused by the summoning of the soul of the octopi by the chieftan octopus, Horvat.

So, there’s Ruth in her old folks home, bored to death, no octopus in sight. I showed her how to use Live, and she just lit up. Started making weird noises with it – age 82. I quit the job there a few years back, and hadn’t heard from her since then, until I got this tape in the mail the other day – labelled ‘Horvat Knows What Up’. It’s Ruth’s stuff. Some techno-like shit.

01. Octopus Morning
02. Skill Set Out The Window
03. Crop Circle Jerking
04. Fabelsport
05. Zero XM Oyster Lines

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MMx068 Pattern25 – Below The Surface EP

Incoming are the warped sounds from the cradle of civilization. Israeli Pattern25 invites you to his cavernous underwater lair ‘Below The Surface’;

See the beauty of the underworld. Dance with electrical scats and observe enormous orcas passing you by. Encounter wrecks of old pirates’ ships and maybe find some treasures left by savage peoples of the past. Disc shaped egg yolk jellyfish entangling the ocean’s scatter and debris in a cloudy comfortable mush, blisters of sun rays angled through the natural prism of the water surface, highlighting the ever so slowly growing and breathing reefs of the sea floor.

‘Below The Surface EP’ is a collection of four wonderfully dense and pulsating dub-techno like tracks to accompany your underwater exploration. Artwork by Morten.

01. Deepandense
02. Below The Surface
03. Lost Anchors
04. Reality Dive

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MMx036 Phlu – Mental Chillness

A walk through the dire mud of everyday life, sprinkled with the occasional sunshine penetration. Mental dwarfs looking for pussy behind doors, blow pads, metal piece nose separation. A neurotic cartoon ‘Nirvana’, oozing sprays of sticky aromas, clinging to matter like tar sand. To enjoy light, one must also appreciate darkness. Balancing on the thin line stretching over the nuclear waste covering parts of a flourishing meadow. The king of snooze-techno has returned, and it’s an LP! 12 new tracks, damn!

Phlu produced this record over the rainy summer, which gives us a few pointers to its ambivalent nature. There are some wonderfully warm melodies on show on this record, as well as some much welcomed rhythmical experimentation. ‘Juxtapositive Minds’ skips along like a slightly damaged old record, while ‘Another Re-Detached Surface of Thought’ explores a different musical realm altogether. Artwork by Ulf.

01. Weak End
02. Blabbering Of The Quitter
03. Hippielusions Of Grandeur
04. Psychobabble Theft
05. Juxtapositive Minds
06. Five Joints Left
07. Disconcerted & Discombobulated
08. No Use For A Brain
09. Another Re-detached Surface Of Thought
10. Decomposed Soil Of The Soul
11. Dark Lights
12. End Station

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MMx034 Phlu – Late For Work

Ulf returns with his silver tailed dream character moniker ‘Phlu’, and with him he’s got a couragous mission; reclaim your sleep! And it’s a mission well worth fighting for. For what better, more noble activity can man partake in without causing this world any further pain or misery? Lulled away on distant alien shores, quietly flying about observing an ever changing absurdly exotic environment. Talking to another version of you, playing fantastic sounding music on a three sided elephant with a conch-like marshmallows trunk, having your arms float up in space, only to drop two parallell velcro curtains bursting out naked ladies with caramel tits. This arcadian existence time and again disrupted only by the sound of an alarm clock. Waking up. Going to work. Misery.

These tracks are an ode to the art of sleeping in. To travelling away to the lands of our actual dreams. Spiritual perfection, light and creation. Turn off your alarm clock and sleep in, it will change your life. Artwork by Ulf & Morten.

01. Days In The Sun
02. Snoozing
03. Dreams Evolve
04. Sunbeam Walk
05. The Awakening
06. Road
07. The Working Week

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MMx027 Stjerna – Bügelen

The many faced creative force that is Stjerna returns to the frame with a deep four track EP titled ‘Bügeln’. The title of the EP, being a certain give away to Stjerna’s German connection (‘bügeln’ is the German word for ‘iron’), is also an obvious statement of the actual sound on the record. Deep basslines whoomping underneath a cold industrial spectre of drugged out textures and primal rhythmic patterns, progressing steadily as it wipes out all warmth as a stone cold lazer over the ever returning presence of an horizon in orbit.

Fall is upon us, and this EP serves as a sort of reversed psychological trick, if you like – invite the cold and dark in voluntarily, and it won’t bother you as much as it would normally. Sit down, let go, and be in ease with the freeze, consume the gloom, and inquire the dire. Artwork by Morten.

01. 3
02. Kassa 44
03. Bonq3
04. Smoof

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MMx022 Wasserfall – Last Days EP

Wasserfall has been making some absolutely sublime minimal tracks over the years, and presented on this EP entitled ‘Last Days’ are three of his latest works created while still living in Berlin, the cradle of minimal music. His production is, as always, lush and clean, the tunes somewhat loungy and laid-back, yet subtly asking you to get in tune to move. There’s also a certain soundtrack feeling to these tracks, and it might not come as a surprise to you after hearing the EP that Wasserfall has indeed studied film.

The absolutely gorgeous cover art was made by Henrik Steen, who once was part of The 95 Percent Community.

01. Last Days in June
02. Last Days in July
03. Algorytmic Microbe

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MMx016 ReneKim – Going Pro

ReneKim has been producing techno for years, and could be said to be somewhat of an underground gem in his native Denmark. Sporting the motto “4 to the floor” like none other I have ever met, ReneKim doesn’t stray far from the roots of techno, but for the occasional poetic Danish vocal cuts here and there. ReneKim’s hedonistic live-show antics even more so reveals his Detroit-connection, screaming and pounding away on his Akai midi-controller like any mad hockey-fan during a Red Wings-game.

‘Going Pro’ consists of six tracks produced during spring 2009, and sounds like something that could easily be a soundtrack for a racing game. Artwork by ReneKim.

01. Up-Down
02. Alenehed
03. Selvstændige Kvinder
04. Hardlife
05. Silennnt
06. På Vej

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